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2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink
22.3.09 - Comfort Zone  When I joined the Dailies just over a year ago one of my stated goals was to "get out of my landscape comfort zone". There have been times when I've retreated deeply into my comfort zone, but this weekend hasn't been one of them. I've been working as a stills photographer on this project  http://www.theladyofshalott.co.uk/index.html  and today was the last big film shoot. My main role was to take individual shots of the actors for their portfolios, but I also took a lot of candids and general shots to record the event.   All will be revealed in late May when the film is launched, but until then the imagery and style of the film is being closely managed. I can honestly say that I've never worked with such a wonderful bunch of talented individuals, and the whole experience has been magical. Unfortunately, I now have to process so many photos that I'll be AWOL from the Dailies again for another day or so. I know you'll be patient with me, and I hope this photo will maintain your interest until I can reveal a bit more :)
2-23: I woke up at 5:30 Sunday morning thinking about work and a task I'm supposed to finish soon so I decided to go to work for a while. I know it sounds really sad but it did give me an opportunity to take some pictures! This was taken near the Arapaho Bend natural area just down the hill from HP. I like the morning light on the grass
Pour Dominique - Jun 5 2009  An agility friend left us today... quite suddenly. We will remember her as a good person who had an incredible will to overcome the setbacks life threw at her health wise. She loved her dogs and our sport tremendously and will be missed... it's so strange and beyond comprehension to realize that someone you saw last week isn't there anymore.  In her spirit I choose for a white rose... have a safe journey Dominique.
9.2.09 - Snow and Rain  We woke up to fresh snow again this morning, and although it was cold it was quite a pleasant day. That is, until I decided to go out and get a Daily. I had hoped to take some night snow shots around the Cathedral, but it was raining heavily! The last time I took some photos here I got a ghostly biker zooming through the shot, tonight it was a bedraggled walker. Apart from a crop to get rid of boring foreground this is straight out of camera. Despite me standing over it with an umbrella some rain managed to get on the lens, but I think it adds to the watery scene (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  For those that like to keep an eye on our Monday Challenges mine is here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#470456288_tRiRP
Morning sunrise in the fog going 70 mph on our way home.
April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
April 4, 2009 - "Doors and Stairs"
I got a new camera! I have been working with a Nikon D40 and am now celebrating my upgrade to a D90. Kinda needed to though. My D40 is in the shop....and I have photos to take, darn it.  Over the Holidays I was reading the Twilight series *sigh*...(I know, I know...already to much information;)And finally saw the movie. Then a couple nights ago, I watched Sweeney Todd. I was amazed by the lighting, the colors, contrast of both movies. I love the hair and costume design in Sweeney Todd... I became inspired....and this was my result...  ****Thank you very much for all of the Awesome comments. I must admit though, this is a self portrait. Yup. Me, my camera, tri-pod, and a touch of inspirado.....********
The Journey begins...    Please accept my apologies if I do not get to your shot right aways.    Please let me explain.    Taking care of my mom is virtually like taking care of a toddler. She can only take a few steps and she has to have diapers. I giver her meds to her, I get her up and in the wheelchair to take her to the dinning room to eat. She can feed herself so that's good. Basically when she needs something I have to get it. So if I don't comment right away I haven't forgotten you I'm just in the middle of something.    Have a GRATEFUL day.      and smile...    *
courtyard of Hotel Le Dupleix where we stayed  Pondicherry, India    more pics:  http://Hershy.smugmug.com/gallery/3951305_mw7Dp/1/289184725_zpLUc    travel and other info on Pondicherry  http://tourism.pondicherry.gov.in/
New Zealand's Southern Alps  © 2007 Colleen M. Griffith. All Rights Reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, modified, or redistributed in any way without written agreement with the creator.  This image is registered with the US Copyright Office.  www.colleenmgriffith.com  www.facebook.com/colleen.griffith
September 23, 2007    Fog in the forest.
"The River Flows"  On my way home from an appt. today I stopped at one of my favorite fishing spots on the Rockaway River in my town to grab this capture. Too bad I didn't have a set of waders in my car to get the little water fall that is located just below this scene but I have to be UNDER the bridge I was on in order to get it in the frame LOL. So you'll have to settle for this one.    I love the little water flow control house that is dilapidated here, it adds a nice rigid feel to the scene. I've watched the roof continue to collapse over the years and soon it will just fall in completely. This is one of the best trout spots around here and they stock the river just upstream weekly during trout season from the farm with tags on them so you know if you caught a wild or farm bread fish. The mountain you see in the background is part of the Picatinny Arsenal where they develop & test new weapons for the military.    Anyway, it was an overcast day here as you can see and it really brought some nice contrast into the picture that I liked. I had to make slight levels adjustments to bring the clouds out a bit more and then some selective dodging & burning to the shadow areas but not much more to this one. Oh and a slight filter applied to bring the colors up a bit since it was so dark here. 10 min. of work and it was finished. So I hope you enjoy this next addition to my fall colors month - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get out there to enjoy the crisp clean fall air ;)    ALTERNATE VERSION: You can see a second version in SEPIA of this image in my EXTRAS Gallery BY CLICKING HERE    Best Regards,  ~Bill~
"The Foggy Lake" I couldn't decide on which version of this image I wanted to put up today so instead of going nuts I decided to place them BOTH in my daily gallery since I was a day behind on my listings anyway. This is the COLOR version that has been processed using NIK COLOR EFEX PRO 3 and then adding some minor Contrast & sharpening. The B&W version of can be seen as the next image in this gallery or if you can here by way of the Daily main page you can CLICKING HERE  Let me know which one YOU like the best !  Enjoy Folks ! Bill Pador
2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink

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2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink
2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink

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