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Bullfrog - near Olympia, Wa. Taken in 2011.
April 27, 2015  Black Squirrel   Washington, DC
City lights (best larger)  Looking towards Torchal mountain from Milad Tower at night, Tehran, Iran.  Note the silhouette of the mountains in the background.    It was very windy at the top of the tower and even with a good tripod it was very difficult to keep the camera 100% steady in such a tall building since the building itself moved with the wind.  I braced the tripod against the building structure in the lee of the wind and shot between gusts, but it still required several shots to get it tack sharp.  Other photos from Tehran and Shiraz can be seen here: http://goo.gl/fVfXXc  27/04/15 www.allenfotowild.com
The yard bully also loves the orange and grape jelly!
Street Shot of Peter Lik Gallery on Front St. in Lahaina, Maui Hard to think that he sold a B&W photo with a light beam ghostlike figure Called GHOST for $6.4 million. The photo was taken in Antelope Canyon, AZ 4 27 2015
April 27 2015 Chicago  Trump Tower and Willis Tower from the John Hancock observatory.
Monday, April 27, 2015  "IN THE SPRING OF THINGS" Theme  "Don't let anyone steal your happy!" ~ God's Child (Me)  The debut of our April table setting......  I love the song "Happy" by Phaerrel Williams; so, when I spotted the "Happy Family" sign in one of our local Dollar General Stores, I knew it would also be the "Centerpiece of Attention" for this month's table setting. By the way, with the exception of the glasses and sign (which I purchased the same day this photo was taken), all décor have been featured in previous table settings. Isn't it such a coincidence that the glasses coordinate with the placemats although they were purchased about a year apart at the same store?  Have you heard the "Happy" song and seen the video of happy people? If not, listen and watch it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM  Thanks for perusing, commenting on, and/or giving my photos a "thumbs up."  Have a marvelous Monday!  (table decorated, photographed, and PM's frost effect applied on 3/25/2015)  My Homepage: www.Godschild.SmugMug.com
04-27-2015 - Mount Goliath Natural Area - Mount Evans Road, Evergreen, CO - Bristlecone Pine [Pinus Aristata]       Link to Photo  Without Frame   
Mallard duckling - this one looked particularly dangerous so I took this from a safe distance. Taken in 2011.
White-throated Sparrow - taken near Olympia, Wa.  I really appreciate the comments!
April 27 - Water on the Rocks  I had to walk/hike up a small ravine to capture this image.  The sound of the flowing water was so peaceful and I like the contrast of the soft water flow against the hard edges of the rock.
Ceiling in the Chicago Community Center which was the old Chicao library
No caption for this one.  Patan is a suburb of Kathmandu.
This sandhill crane had just taken over duties on the nest from its partner.  It inspected the eggs, but didn't seem to turn them completely.  It then turned, fluffed, settled, rose up, and repeated the process several times before finding a position over the eggs it felt comfortable with.  Not more than fifty feet away, a mute swan sat on its own nest in this same small side arm of Wildwing Lake.  DP116-2015  Posted Sunday, April 26. Seeing this was a special thrill for me, since I had never seen a sandhill crane nest, much less observed the nesting pair switch duties, thus exposing the eggs to full view.  Taken April 24, 2015 at Wildwing Lake, Kensington Metro Park, Michigan  Title:  Precious Charge.  Heavy Responsibility.  Sandhill Crane on Its Nest.
Bullfrog - near Olympia, Wa. Taken in 2011.

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Bullfrog - near Olympia, Wa. Taken in 2011.
Bullfrog - near Olympia, Wa. Taken in 2011.

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