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View along the fence line of the poor bushes heavy with snow after the latest storm.
03/01/15 - March Tablescape  My Blog  I put away the red and got out the green yesterday as I converted my kitchen table from a Valentine's Day theme to a St. Patrick's Day theme.  Time for the March tablescape!  I had quite a few choices of green placemats, napkins, and Corelle plates, and as usual, I couldn't pick just one.  I ended up going with a mix of Corelle Peach Garland plates and another Corelle pattern that I just cannot identify...sigh.     All the items on the table are from the thrift store Guardian Angel except the fish bowl, the candles which are Partylite, and the green Hazel Atlas block glass.  I found the green glass in with my grandmother's glassware, and I just love them as does Johnny since his favorite color is green. I was short two goblets and ordered a couple off eBay which should be here this week.   My favorite find is that awesome large vase that came with the flowers already arranged.  I never could arrange silk flowers, and I don't have many, well any, in my home, but these looked so great that I just couldn't resist.     We now have a visitor to our table.  I wonder what mischief will result!     SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
02MAR2015  Council Bluffs Iowa  A dreary but productive day, shot this mid Feb. in the blowing snow and cold.  Thanks for looking at the work today….have a great day!
Game Ball...  This ball was used in the the final game of our '78 season. At the time, my dear wife was in the hospital. She spent 3 months flat on her back with what at the time had 4-5 doctors puzzled as to a diagnosis. Our families and many friends were praying for her, and thank God, she miraculously recovered. My teammates signed this game-winning ball and gave it to me. We won the game, 11-3 and the league championship. My teammate, R.D. Cook, was my catcher, or as he called himself, 'receiver.' As you you might have guessed by now, I pitched. Sadly, R.D. passed away several years later of cancer. He was a very special friend. Also, shortly after the season ended, our coach moved to Texas, and due to additional unforeseen circumstances, our team never regrouped. It was a special group of guys and special memories...  Note: This was going to be my still life for yesterday but I didn't get it together in time. I'll share one more still life tomorrow, unrelated to yesterday and today.  Thanks for your views and comments, much appreciated! Critiques welcome...  March 2, 2015
SPARE SHOPPING CARTS,,,  But you'll need a shovel,,,,  The sun is shining brightly on a really cold day but these gave me a smile . The mall lot was well plowed but maybe it was  done in the dark? Do you think?  21/02/15
01.03.15 - The Winter Tree  I was taken by the shape of this old tree while walking the dog at dusk yesterday. Thank-you for all the wonderful comments about my night photo walk collages over the weekend.
Stop and Pop: My son try's to stick a jump shot from waaaaaaaaay downtown. (He missed lol) - Happy Monday!!!!  03/02/2015
Flying into the Clouds  This is my first attempt at a composite, with the cranes added to a background similar to what I posted Saturday.  I would appreciate all suggestions/comments to help me get better at this.
1912 Ford Model T Touring Lamp     Link to Photo Without Frame
February 21, 2013    After the Safari Club International show and convention was over, Bill and I stayed an extra day.  We went exploring and visited Carson City, Virginia City and other areas and back roads near Reno, Nevada.  It was a bitterly cold day, but we dressed warm and endured the cold.  It was a fun day and we saw some absolutely lovely places.    This was taken from the car as we were driving towards Carson City.  I thought the clouds really added a lot of drama to the landscape and the Sierra Nevada mountains.    Really nice to check out in X3 size.    Have a wonderfully, lovely day today my friends and stay warm!    Linda
Three lighting techniques discussed on the blog today: http://blog.paulbellinger.com
Sunday, March 1, 2015  "CELTIC EMERALD PERSIAN PAIR"  "I love to juxtapose the man-made and the natural to make people wonder and ask, Are they man-made or did they come from nature? That's a very important part of my work." ~ Dale Chihuly  My fourth and final submission for Judy Horton's (aka fotoeffects) "Still Life" Challenge (week 4 of 4)  "With their exotic, fluid shapes, Dale Chihuly's Persians swirl with kinetic energy, mimicking ancient vessels or blending into a natural landscape almost seamlessly. Celtic Emerald Persian Pair blazes with bright and vibrant color. Measuring approximately eleven inches across, the larger piece is blown through, bright green in the center to a dark, shadowy green along the edge, accented by a golden yellow lip wrap. Echoing these same colors, a smaller, coiling element rests inside looking as if it were a live garden creature reaching out to the viewer. Winding around both elements, dark and light green body wraps create a virtual glow." ~ Reprinted text from here: http://www.chihulyworkshop.com/celtic-emerald-persian-pair.html  My complete gallery of "The Gallery: Featuring Dale Chihuly" 2013 is here:  http://godschild.smugmug.com/ArtScape-1/Dale-Chihulys-Art-at-Gallery/i-tft5MVG  Thanks for proposing this challenge, Judy; I enjoyed it. The time-frame was perfect, also (not excessively lengthy).  Have a great start to a new month. I can't believe March is here already. Church, anyone?  The Gallery at City Center (Gallery Row)  Inside Crystals at City Center   3720 S. Las Vegas Blvd.   Las Vegas, NV 89109  ***#13 photo of the day*** (tied with Donna McCommon's photo)  (photo taken July, 2013)   My Homepage: www.Godschild.smugmug.com
March 2 2015 We finally saw the sun.  Fort Myers Florida.  Shot with my cell phone.
March.2.   Mourning Doves in the snow.
Thursday, June 7, 2012  "DELICATE BEAUTIES"  “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou   This summer, I am only perusing and commenting on photos as my limited time permits. Although it is summer vacation, I am not idle. This is a very busy time for me, as I have embarked upon a new and very challenging endeavor.  Don't miss a blooming thing this spring! This is one of my favorite flower captures. An abundance of colors, fragrances, and scenic views await you in these gardens. Also, I read that the meaning of hibiscus is "delicate beauty;" thus, the caption. These orange hibiscuses are amazing tropical flowers that come in many shapes, sizes and varieties.  They are known for their beauty and their large, colorful blooms.  You can plant hibiscus flowers indoors, outdoors, as a shrub, or as a simple flower.  With all of the different options available, who would not want to plant this flower?   SPEAKING OF SPORTS: In the words of Reggie Miller, we watched "greatness grow up" last night as the "young guns" of OKC defeated the San Antonio Spurs in OKC and ended the series 4 - 2. OKC has advanced to the NBA Finals........woo hoo!! Tonight, Boston Celtics will host Miami Heat in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The series is 3 - 2 with Boston leading the way. The family and I are pulling for Boston.  If Boston is victorious tonight, they will go on to face OKC in the NBA Finals - date TBD.   I truly appreciate your comments on yesterday's "Banana Tree" photo; it was the #2 photo of the day. Congrats to Maryann (aka "fotomom") for the #1 photo.  Hang in there; tomorrow is Friday.  Bellingrath Gardens and Home Mobile, AL  ***#1 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken 5/26/2012)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
View along the fence line of the poor bushes heavy with snow after the latest storm.

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View along the fence line of the poor bushes heavy with snow after the latest storm.
View along the fence line of the poor bushes heavy with snow after the latest storm.

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Photo by: John (300m) · See photo in original gallery.



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