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Desolate World  Jul 30 The lake recedes as the drought stakes its territory.
One more rodeo shot - I observed that the bronc riders have two different styles.  The style shown here where the cowboy sits more or less upright on the horse.  In the other style, the cowboy lies back along the horse's back and seems to try to stay that way for the entire eight seconds.  The horses also had their styles.  In the style shown here, the horse kicks its back heels way up into the air; other horses liked to jump straight up into the air with all four feet off the ground at once.  Also, many horses kept bucking for quite a while after the rider was off.  At the end of the eight second ride, two other fellas on horseback would get on either side of the rider on the bronc and the rider would grab onto on of the other men and pull himself off the bucking bronc.  This actually seemed to be quite an intricate maneuver requiring a lot of skill on the part of the other two cowboys and their horses.  Thanks for the comments on my shot of the floating stairs at the federal building.  I sure appreciate you all taking the time to stop by and check out my photos.  As usual, the week is flying by.  Hope you have a great Thursday!
30/07/2014  I'm not a real dog person but this little guy is so adorable! My next door neighbor has two of these and they are so friendly and Ruthless had to go to his owner's Dad, but his new doggy is called Spot, a Boxer pup , and so beautiful! Ruthless doesn't get on well with her  small grandchildren. I miss him. Oh well, I have my kitties and a cockatiel named Elliott , or ET!  Happy Monday!  xxxx
1964 Chevy Pickup Stepside. It looks like the last time it was drivable was in 1998, notice by the window sticker. In the back of the bed there is a cooler (“Sure where he kept his beer”) a pair of cowboy spurs and old boots. My guess is this was a cowboy’s pickup.
Day 209: Butterfly Red Admiral  - July 30.
07-30-2014 "Old and Abandoned"  This old truck was left in the middle of the field.  It certainly made a great photo op.  Thanks for your comments on my roses shot yesterday.  They do bring a brightness to my garden. Donna
July 30 2014 T-shirt
7/30/2014 ~ Flowing  Another shot from the Roaring Fork trail at Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee.   Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's early morning shot!  Edited to add.. This shot is an HDR from one exposure. I exposed for the water, which left the shadows very dark. I made another 'exposure' in Photoshop where I brought the shadows out, and merged the two in Photomatix Pro. This is a very easy trick to do and get an HDR without the bracketing procedure. I did make some bracketed shots, but I liked it better on this shot because it leaves more detail in the water and less ghosting.
07.30.14  Cubicle 4B--A room with a view  Ready and waiting for the Taxol to be infused. Got my salty treat, a cup of ice water and my companion, Indigo.  What more do I need?  Thank You kJakes! We got your BLING! and Ms. Indi will proudly be wearing it on Monday at my infusion!   To send BLING! to Indigo:  Tina Gardner, 4094 So. 950 W., Riverton, Ut 84405
07.30.14  Horse watching the Union Station.  Jeddy, Delaney and Morty the cat are here. We have a uHaul to unload. Anyone care to help?
Calla Lily with Texture Posted July 30, 2014

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