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Engraving : Different projects for clients that required engraving. The dragon in on the side cover of a Harley, the small house was made as a pendant for a client who brought me a picture of he and his new wife's first house.

The large brass Browns piece is a paperweight the client owned. I replicated it as a pendant. Do any of you recognize the Elvish language? I didn't either but I engraved it regardless. The race car cross was commissioned by a guys girlfriend. He was a christian drag racer. The car that is the crosspiece for the cross was mad from a picture of his own car at Gateway International Raceway.

The Zippo lighter was ordered by another guys girlfriend with a little help for ideas from his family. I was supposed to engrave his first and last name but be creative. Can you all figure out what his last name is?

The wasp was made (I actually made two of them, one as a pin and one as a pendant) for a lady whose grandson was stung by a wasp. 
He had an allergic reaction and while they were testing him apparently there was early detection of another condition that would have possibly been fatal had they not detected it when they did. The gold it was made from came from old jewelry the client owned already but didn't wear.



Different projects for clients that required engraving. The dragon in ...

Updated: May 20, 2011 2:31pm PST

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