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Farms  - Nova Scotia : Nova Scotia currently has several industries at work.  Mining, fishing, forestry, agriculture, tourism, and the Military. One of our guests recently and correctly pointed out:   

" ... there are really four major industries at play in Nova Scotia - Forestry, Fishing, Mining and Agriculture. Currently mining is contributing a major component to the "big four" mostly because both fishing and forestry are on hard times and agriculture is usually 4th anyways.

Our general population are not aware of the importance of mining to the provincial economy when, in fact, has the highest per capita dollars produced in the nation. True that Tourism is also important but it's numbers are somewhat clouded by what they actually consider to be tourism. For example, they include the lucrative convention industry dollars, and general business travel in their total and I would dispute that this is valid. In any event, they are also big contributors."

Fishing  is not as prevalent as it once was because of a tremendous depletion of fish stocks over the past 5 decades due to mismanagement by the various levels of government and overfishing from offshore as well as local commercial trawling fleets.   Farming is still a factored industry in the Annapolis Valley region - the agricultural heart of Nova Scotia.  Along with traditional farming, apple orchards are a mainstay industry in the valley where you can find hundreds of orchards thriving.   Vineyards also have a fairly strong presence in the valley although not as much as one would find in Ontario or British Columbia.  Finally tourism is still a lucrative industry in Nova Scotia and hundreds of thousands of people are drawn to it's pristine and wild beauty each year from every corner of the globe.   Nova Scotia, and in particular, Halifax (the capital city) is home to the Canadian Unified Forces with emphasis on the naval sector.

Farms - Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia currently has several industries at work. Mining, fishing ...

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