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6+ Alarm Structure Fire  -  Hudson River Psychiatric Center  - Fairview Fire District : Numerous photos of a fire that occurred Hudson River Psychiatric Center located in the Town of Poughkeepsie N.Y. - Fairview Fire District.  The fire began around 7:00 P.M. on May 31, 2007 and crews remained on the scene for days wetting down hot spots and picking up hose. The official cause has been determined to be from a lightning strike  from a severe storm that passed through the area just prior to the fires discovery. 
 The Hudson River Psychiatric Center or as it was commonly referred to "HRPC" is a huge complex of buildings that dates back to 1867 and was used to house and treat the states mentally ill until the state began closing the facility I believe in the late 80's. The site had so many huge buildings that they had their own fully staffed fire department to provide fire protection for the property and the hospitals occupants. Twenty-six buildings on the former hospital grounds have been listed as "historically significant properties" and the site was sold to a developer in 2005 for redevelopment. Here is a link to a site with the history of the HRPC :
  By FDNY standards (1 alarm  = 2 engines and a truck), this was the equivalent of a 6+ Alarm fire and it is the first incident that I have ever been to that 6 elevated master streams were in operation at once and when I left some 7-1/2 hrs later, I could see flames in my rearview mirror as I left the scene. The firefighters were faced with significant challenges upon their arrival. First was the sheer size of the building(s) involved, secondly was that the buildings were attached to each other making for a huge exposure problem as well as a maze to navigate (It took me 20 minutes to walk from the front to the rear of the fire building), and lastly was that the sites hydrant system was taken out of service. With no functioning hydrant system, firefighters were forced to lay several miles of large diameter 5" hose to supply the needed water to battle the fire.
 This fire proved the value of a properly implemented incident command system as well as the efficiency of Dutchess Counties 911 Dispatch Center. This was most likely one of the largest mutual-aid incidents in Dutchess County history with departments from most of Dutchess County as well numerous units from Ulster as well and I think pretty much everything went without a hitch with relatively little chaos.....

6+ Alarm Structure Fire - Hudso...

William Johnson (FDPhotounit)

Numerous photos of a fire that occurred Hudson River Psychiatric Cente ...

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Structure Fire -  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Home - Hyde Park Fire District 1/23/82 - From my archives - FDR Estate - Roosevelt Home : These are probably photo's of the most famous subject matter that I'll ever do and they are scans from color negatives......As far as I know, these are the only photo's in existence that were taken while the fire was still burning...... At least that what I have been told by the National Park Service....The fire occurred just after midnight on January 23rd,1982 at the Hyde Park , N.Y. home of the late President Franklin Roosevelt . Prior to this fire, numerous area fire companies including the Hyde Park Fire Department who cover the FDR historical site, were operating in the below zero temperatures at a large structure fire in the Staatsburg Fire District in the town of Hyde Park. The initial dispatch was for a "routine" automatic fire alarm which Hyde Park had answered numerous times at the home in the past and all were malfunctions.... This time though..... Things were going to be different..... The first units on the scene arrived to find heavy fire from the roof of the home of the thirty-second President of the United States and a national historic treasure. The first due equipment to the scene were Hyde Parks reserve engine and a ladder truck from the Hudson River Psychiatric Center in the Town of Poughkeepsie. By the time the incident was over, 10 area departments were called to the scene and significant fire, smoke, and water damage had occurred to the structure. The fires cause was attributed to an electrical malfunction on the third floor of the home where renovations were in progress at the time of the fire. Through the efforts of all the firefighters who responded to the scene, as well as the efforts of the National Park Service personnel, I don't believe anything irreplaceable was lost in the fire and the building was eventually repaired to it's original stature.... These photo's were on display in the Library of Congress for three months as part of a display the National Park Service had done showing the fire, the damage done, and the repairs that were made to the building. They were also featured in several magazines including Firehouse and also a book about the history of FDR.

Structure Fire - President Franklin ...

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These are probably photo's of the most famous subject matter that I'll ...

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Apartment Fire in Lexwood : On 12/26/07 @ 15:09 hours, Communications dispatched Bay District Volunteers to BOX 3-03, 21262 Joe Baker Ct Apt7D for a reported kitchen fire. Engine 32, 132, and Tower 9 along with Chief 3 responded in under a minute with 13 personnel. Communications advised Chief 3 while en route of a reported kitchen fire. At 15:12 hours, Chief 3 arrived on the scene of side A with a reported working fire and requested Communications to upgrade the assignment to the working fire dispatch and established the Joe Baker Command.

Apartment Fire in Lexwood

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On 12/26/07 @ 15:09 hours, Communications dispatched Bay District Volu ...

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House Fire 8433 W Meadow Park (12/26/2007) : Station 16 on scene gave heavy fire involvement. SQ16 was fire attack, E16 took command, Q17 search and rescue and fire attack, SQ8 utilities,E8 assisted with fire attack, E33 assisted with ventalation and fire attack,, BAT1 took Command, 182 was Safety Officer. Crews found heavy fire in the basement and made a good knockdown to keep the house from being a total loss.

House Fire 8433 W Meadow Park (12/26/...


Station 16 on scene gave heavy fire involvement. SQ16 was fire attack, ...

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