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Pennsbury Manor : <a target=_blank href="http://www.pennsburymanor.org/">Pennsbury Manor</a> is located about a 30-45 minute drive north of Philadelphia. It is a reconstructed 17th Century manor house built on the site where William Penn once lived. William Penn arrived here from England in 1682 and was the founder of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which was named for his family.

Construction on Pennsbury Manor began shortly after his arrival. His plan was to establish a gentleman's country manor complete with separate buildings for baking/brewing, stables, a boathouse, and numerous farm buildings. Penn lived here for only 2 years before he had to return to England to take care of some legal affairs. What was to be a short stay abroad extended to 15 years. He returned to his beloved Pennsbury in 1799 only to be summoned back to England in 1701 to take care of some financial troubles. Penn never returned to Pennsylvania and passed away from a stroke in 1712. His beautiful manor home began to fall into ruin and by the end of the 18th century there wasn't much of the original structure left.

The site of his home was rescued from an encroaching quarry in the 1930's. The manor house was reconstructed based on an woodcut that had been made in the late 17th/early 18th century. So the current building on site is just a replica of what may have stood there at one time. But it is filled with period antiques and Penn family heirlooms.

Pennsbury Manor


Pennsbury Manor is located about a 30-45 minute drive north of Philade ...

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Williamsburg 2007 May :

Williamsburg 2007 May


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Jamestown May 1607 - 2007 :

Jamestown May 1607 - 2007


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Peter Wentz Farmstead : The Peter Wentz Farmstead in Worcester, PA was established in 1744 when Peter Wentz inherited 300 acres from his father, an early German immigrant. By 1758 Peter and his wife completed their home, a wonderful Georgian-style house that reflected their German heritage.

This wonderful farmstead would have remained in obscurity had it not been for one very famous house guest who stayed here in the fall of 1777: George Washington. Washington used the Wentz farmstead as his headquarters prior to the Battle of Germantown and once again after the battle.

In 1794 the farmstead was purchased by Melchior Schulz and it remained in his family until 1969 when it was purchased by the County of Montgomery. The children of the last generation of Schulzes who lived here were forbidden to play in the bedroom in which George Washington had slept. Between 1969 and 1976 the farmstead was restored to its 18th century appearance and opened to the public in 1976.

Peter Wentz Farmstead


The Peter Wentz Farmstead in Worcester, PA was established in 1744 whe ...

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