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Mark turns 50! : All proceeds from the event will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit.

Mark turns 50!

Anne Nicolazzo

All proceeds from the event will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of M ...

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Michigan's Upper Peninsula :

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Douglas Chandler

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Michigan State Campus :

Michigan State Campus


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Negwegon State Park - South Point, Alcona/Alpena Counties (2-8-12) : <i>WHERE"S THE SNOW?!?!</i>...if there's a phrase shared most my Michiganders this year, that would be it.  Included amongst those frustrated at being cheated out of yet another winter, it finally occurred to me that maybe there was another way to look at the lack of snow.  Maybe I could use it to my advantage to get out somewhere I wouldn't otherwise be able to in February...  
Negwegon State Park was another one of those places that I enjoyed immensely the first time I visited, vowed to return in the near future, and then never did.  For the past two-and-a-half years I've had the best intentions to return so when I tried thinking of a unique place to go there wasn't any real thinking to do.  I <i>LOVE</i> Negwegon.  I love it not for its subtle beauty (though it has it in abundance) or some unique historical significance.  I love it because it represents what I wish the State Parks of Michigan could be.  In a state where the typical State Park is dominated by high-impact campgrounds, crowded beaches, and miles of concrete Negwegon stands alone, at least in the Lower Peninsula.  One single dirt road leads seven miles off the main highway to a small parking area and a kiosk...that's it.  From the parking area it's up to you to put on a pair of boots, go out on your own, and let nature itself soak into and entertain you...
On this hike I'd be exploring the northern half of the park.  The 7-or-so mile trail system looping out to South Point, offers an impressive variety of habitats (which the 3rd pic in the album shows) and takes you out to a place where you can stand on the shore and look at the Great Lakes shore as it was long ago...untouched by man...
<b>Directions to Trailhead:</b>
-Turn east off US-23 onto Wilds Road about 13 miles south of Alpena or 18.5 miles north of Harrisville.
-Follow Wilds Road 3.5 miles to where it turns right and becomes Sand Hill Rd (dirt).
-Follow Sand Hill Rd just over 2 miles to the park entrance road on the left.
-Follow the park entrance road just over a mile to the parking lot and trailhead near the lake shore.

Negwegon State Park - South Point, Al...

Dan Weemhoff (dwhike)

WHERE"S THE SNOW?!?!...if there's a phrase shared most my Michiganders ...

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Michigan Favorites :

Michigan Favorites


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Detroit :



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Halloween Sands Fire & EMS 2000 :

Halloween Sands Fire & EMS 2000

Douglas Chandler

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Sands Township Fire & EMS :

Sands Township Fire & EMS

Douglas Chandler

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Landscape Photography :

Landscape Photography

Anne Nicolazzo

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