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<html><strong><font color="#FF0000"><h3>CINCPAC, CINCPACFLT and COMSERVPAC,  Pearl Harbor HI. Housed At Sub Base Barracks, Pearl Harbor HI (February 1956 to March 1958).</h3></font></strong></em></a><html> : <html><strong><font color="#0000FF"><h3>THIS IS A TRIBUTE TO ALL OF MY SHIPMATES (BOTH WAVES AND SAILORS) WHO SERVED IN THE U.S. NAVY AT CINCPAC, CINCPACFLT AND COMSERVPAC AT PEARL HARBOR, HI!</h3>  
<html><em><strong><h3>IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF ANY OF THESE COMMANDS DURING THIS PERIOD AND HAVE PHOTOS YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE INCLUDED</em><html> <a href=""><em><strong><font color="FF0000">Click on here to Email me.<font color=#FF0000> </font></font></strong></em></a><html> <html><em> I would like to hear from all shipmates or their families if you found this information helpful!</em></strong></h3>
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For more information, Click on these links to: - Brief History of Leadership of the U.S. Pacific Command. - Current Leadership of the U.S. Pacific Command. - Current Pacific Command Structure. - History of the current United States Pacific Command (USPACOM). - USS STUMP DD978 - Named in honor of Admiral Felix Budwell Stump (CINCPAC). - Adm. Felix B. Stump Obituary. B. Dec. 15, 1894 - D. June 13, 1972. - Earlier CINCPACFLT/FRUPAC (Fleet Radio Unit Pacific) - 1920's Onward. - US Navy Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, HI -Satellite View of Sub Base, Pearl Harbor, HI - NavSource Naval History - AIR RAID PEARL HARBOR - THIS IS NO DRILL ! ! !  Sunday, December 7, 1941 - ATTACK AT PEARL HARBOR, December 7, 1941 . . .
. . . 'The surprise was complete. The attacking planes came in two waves; the first hit its target at 7:53 AM, the second at 8:55. By 9:55 it was all over. By 1:00 PM the carriers that launched the planes from 274 miles off the coast of Oahu were heading back to Japan.  Behind them they left chaos, 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet' . . .  "Attack At Pearl Harbor, 1941" - Eye Witness to History.,M1 - Here are 24 Personal accounts of servicemen who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. - Full Pearl Harbor Casualty List. - Remembering Pearl Harbor - President Roosevelt's address to Congress. - Chronology Of Attack From Deck Logs Of Vessels Moored At Pearl Harbor December 7th - Pearl Harbor December 7th Attack Photos - Ships Present at Pearl Harbor 0800, December 7, 1941 - Pearl Harbor Attacked. - USS ARIZONA BB-39 Historical Website. - USS ARIZONA BB-39 Memorial - Pearl Harbor HI - Pearl Harbor Memorial Museum & Visitor Center - Remembering Pearl Harbor - 'Memory Book' - USS ARIZONA - Fading Voices - Pearl Harbor - The USS OKLAHOMA BB-37 Memorial - Being Constructed on Ford Island - Dedicated December 7, 2007. - USS OKLAHOMA BB-37 - HOMEPORT Website - USS UTAH BB-31 - Official Website - USS UTAH BB-31 Memorial - Pearl Harbor Remembered




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MCPON San Diego Visit :

MCPON San Diego Visit


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BoyScout Box Dierby Racing 2014 :

BoyScout Box Dierby Racing 2014


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Pepper Spray USS America :

Pepper Spray USS America


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MACV Advisory Team 4 (redesignated Team 19, August 1968) Quang Tri Province, RVN. : MACV Advisory Team 4 provided advice and assistance to the 1st Regiment, 1st ARVN Division, elements of the ARVN 7th Cavalry, Regional and Local Forces and other Vietnamese military elements in Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam.  The Team with attached elements included US Army, US Navy, US Marine, US Air Force, and Australian Army personnel.  Included in the MACV Team 4 structure was a forward operating unit of the 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron (20th TASS) headquartered at Danang AB.  The detachment flew 0-1 Bird Dogs out of La Vang airfield, about 4 kilometers south of Quang Tri City.  (All photos by David Andrew Sciacchitano unless otherwise noted.)

Silver Star Award of Sgt. Edward A. McKim
Quang Tri City was a major objective of the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive of 1968. The city was overrun, with the exception of the two MACV compounds, and several strong points held by VN Police, the handful of ARVN 1st Division troops within the City and Citadel and ARVN Airborne elements north of the city. Losses at MACV included Marine Sgt. Edward Alton McKim, NCOIC of the MACV Team 4 Marine Security Detachment at Kilroy Compound, and a number of other killed and wounded.  Sgt. McKim was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his actions during the attack. Following is Sgt. McKim's Silver Star citation.

The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the Silver Star Medal (Posthumously) to Edward A. McKim (2058209), Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with Company D, Third Military Police Battalion, Force Logistic Command, THIRD Marine Amphibious Force, in connection with operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. During early morning hours of 31 January 1968, a military compound in Quang Tri City suddenly came under heavy mortar, recoilless rifle, small arms, and automatic weapons fire from two battalions of North Vietnamese Army regulars. As the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of the compound's Marine Security Detachment, Sergeant McKim responded immediately and completely disregarded his own safety as he exposed himself to intense hostile fire to direct and adjust accurate 81-mm. mortar fire against enemy positions approximately 100 meters from the compound. During the attack he was wounded by hostile mortar fragments but continued to direct return fire against the North Vietnamese. Upon hearing cries for assistance from the injured, he ignored the enemy fire around him and unhesitatingly moved to the side of the casualties where he assisted in evacuating them from the hazardous area. Anticipating the possibility of a ground assault by the North Vietnamese Army force, he directed his mortar crews to continue their fire and maneuvered across the hazardous terrain to the sector of the perimeter which had suffered the most casualties. Displaying exceptional leadership and calm composure under fire, he reorganized the defensive positions and moved among his men, encouraging them and ensuring that adequate ammunition was available. Subsequently, he was mortally wounded when a North Vietnamese mortar round exploded within five meters of his position. By his courageous leadership, bold initiative, and selfless devotion to duty at great personal risk, Sergeant McKim inspired all who observed him and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.
Home Town: Dallas, Texas

MACV Advisory Team 4 (redesignated Te...

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MACV Advisory Team 4 provided advice and assistance to the 1st Regimen ...

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F/A-18 "Hornet" (USMC) : U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets

F/A-18 "Hornet" (USMC)


U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets

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Military and Vintage Aircraft :

Military and Vintage Aircraft


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Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Fifi" : To view these photos in super high resolution. move your mouse cursor over the featured still picture and select the degree of enlargement.

The Commemorative Air Force Boeing B-29 Superfortress “Fifi” is the only B-29 still flying anywhere in the World.  I took these pictures at the Rocky mountain Air Show. If you are a B-29 fan, don’t miss the DVD “Boeing B-29 Superforts Go to War DVD Volume 1.  Includes six B-29 videos and a Superfortress pilots manual in Adobe Acrobat.
If you'd like to  order a high quality print copy of any of these photos, the watermark is removed.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Fifi"


To view these photos in super high resolution. move your mouse cursor ...

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Alright, let the remodeling begin! : Captain Joseph House is a 1910 craftsman home, maintained with the charm and comfort of an old-world English estate, and being renovated to meet the needs of three families at a time, throughout the year.  The house will offer a relaxed setting in which to enjoy the comforts of a home away from home, and a chance to reflect in a tranquil and peaceful environment.  The Port Angeles community offers a myriad of activities for all ages and interests, from strolling the beach, to local restaurants, to the breathtaking Olympic National Park.  With up to three families sharing the same respite week, the House will foster an environment where new friendships can take root and draw strength from the common experience of loss.  This respite week will provide an opportunity for a family to begin building new memories and new traditions as they regroup and learn to live, laugh and love within this recreated family unit.

The latest photos are shown first.

For more information, contact Betsy Reed-Schultz at (360) 460-7848. Also, go to for further information and photos.

For fundraising and other events, go to:

Alright, let the remodeling begin!

Rick Crimmel

Captain Joseph House is a 1910 craftsman home, maintained with the cha ...

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The Armed Forces Military Museum : The Armed Forces Military Museum is located in Largo Florida, just north of Saint Petersburg, Florida.  The museum displays portray battles in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  These photographs are of some of the museum displays.  This gallery is not associated with the museum.

 Please visit the museum website at  for more information.

The Armed Forces Military Museum


The Armed Forces Military Museum is located in Largo Florida, just nor ...

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