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The LPD 19.USS Mesa Verde.The 3rd San Antonio Class amphibious transport dock and the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.The ship is designed to deliver a fully equipped battalion of up to 800 Marines.The ship is 684 feet long,has a beam of 105 feet,and has a 23 foot draft.The ship is powered by four Colt Pielstick diesel engines, two shafts with 40,000 horsepower,and has a top speed of 22 Knots.
A-185 SALMOOR, River Clyde, March 2007
The National D-Day Memorial
The National D-Day Memorial
Phu Bai, August 1967, view from a Bird Dog (photo by Don Hable).
My late father-in-law, Bill Johnson, sitting on his Indian Chief Roadmaster in the snow in front of the high school he attended, Hendersonville High School, in Hendersonville, NC.  His dad owned an Indian shop in town, so his Chief had just about every accessory imaginable.  The two words on the front fender are "Bill - Ruth."  Ruth was his high school sweetheart, whom he later married, and was my wife's mother.  His dad also sent him to the Indian factory in Springfield, MA, to get certified at the factory mechanic school.  We still have his original certificate.
Angels Five and Six after knife edge pass
Blue Angels C-130 Hercules,"Fat Albert" at the Wings over Meridian 2008 Airshow
Fat Albert of the Blue Angels demonstrating a Short Landing.This C-130 can Take Off and Land on a 2500 foot Runway.The Hercules has Eight solid rocket boosters(4 on each side)which boosts the plane to 1500 feet,and then it levels off.Wings over Meridian 2008
Naval Air Station Meridian

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