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Tiny USS John C. Stennis, San Diego, May 2008  Hard to believe that the ship is actually 1092 feet long, with a 4.5 acre flight deck!
Traverse City, MI Cherry Festival Airshow 7-5-08
Traverse City, MI Cherry Festival Airshow 7-5-08
Sandstorm in Iraq
Pena using an unorthodox method to call the load
Arlington National Cemetery
Marine Iwo Jima Memorial
GOOGLE Earth - USNTC Bainbridge MD.    Double Click on the photo and click on 'Sizes' for a larger image of the base.
Ned Wells on guard duty during basic training at Camp Blanding, Florida, 1944.
Ned Wells's basic training portrait, 1944
Ned Wells and his new bride, Dot Elliott (right), my parents, taken at Jump Off Rock, Hendersonville, NC, 1944, before Dad shipped overseas.
"The Gruesome Foursome" at Le Havre, France, 1946, just before shipping back home.  Ned Wells (left, from Clemmons, NC), Arthur Duell (center, standing, from Kensington, CT), Howard Cohen (right, from Philadelphia; looked like Dustin Hoffman, didn't he?), and Bill Ricker (sitting, from Kenosha, WI).

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Photo by: Pupplo · See photo in original gallery.



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