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Three pilots of the 409th Bombardment Squadron, 93rd Bombardment Group:  (Left to right) Flight Officer Charles S. "Five By Five" Young, from Dayton, TX; Captain Jacob B. "Jake" Epting, from Tupelo, MS; and First Lieutenant Joseph Avendano, Jr, from Pomona, CA.  Both Young and Avendano had prior flying service with the Royal Canadian Air Force before the U.S. entered the war, and both were later killed in non-combat related flight accidents before the end of the war.  All three flew in the Ploesti raid over Romania on Aug 1st, 1943, Epting (as co-pilot) and Young (as extra co-pilot/gunner) in "Tupelo Lass," and Avendano (as pilot) in "Dogpatch Raider."  Epting was the usual pilot of "Tupelo Lass," which he named, but on the Ploesti raid his squadron commander, Major K.O. "Kayo" Dessert, assigned himself to the left seat in the "Lass."
PLAN OF THE DAY - USS VULCAN AR-5 and Commander Service Squadron Four - CHRISTMAS DAY, Thursday, December 25th, 1958.  I (Tony), LUPACCHINO TE(RM)2 had both Duty Watches - OPERATIONS and CRYPTO DUTY for Christmas Day 1958.
Luzon 9-9-1945. Surrender of the Sword
an FA-18 from VMFA-115 flies over the California desert during WTI 2-07
Three of the officer crewmembers of the B-24 Liberators "Red Ass" and "Tupelo Lass."  Left to right - pilot Jake Epting (from Tupelo, Mississippi), bombardier Al Naum (from Lima, Ohio), and navigator Ed Weir (from Desdemona, Texas).  Weir is holding a navigator's sextant.  Fort Myers Army Airfield, Florida, 1942.
This could have been a B-17 tail gunner's view in a formation.  Actually, it's the Collings Foundation B-17G Flying Fortress "Nine-O-Nine" arriving at Denton (TX) Municipal Airport on Mar 12th, 2007.

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Photo by: Pupplo · See photo in original gallery.



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