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Our Jack Russell, Jake, coolin' out on a Heritage Softail Classic, wearing his leather Harley cap, with a winged bar-and-shield emblem on the front.
Denton, TX motor officer helping a mom get a Kodak moment of her bumble bee baby on the BMW police bike for his enjoyment years from now.  2008.
Stunter trying to pop the rear tire of this Buell Firebolt during an exhibition at American Eagle Harley-Davidson, in Corinth, TX.  2008.
One cool high school kid.  My late father-in-law, Bill Johnson, of Hendersonville, NC, posing on his Indian Chief Roadmaster on the Eighth Ave side of Hendersonville High School.  Check out the letter jacket (captain of the football team), the leather hand grip tassles (red and white, for the school colors), the stick-on babe decal on the fender, among other add-ons.  Note the leather "bat wing" windshield cover.
Late 1940's.  My late mother-in-law, Ruth Johnson, is sitting on the Indian Chief on the left, wearing the white cap and scratching her back.  The bike belonged to her husband (and my future father-in-law), the late Bill Johnson.  The group consists of mostly Indian riders, and they're about to leave out on a weekend day ride during some chilly part of the year around Hendersonville, NC.  That may be Bill in the background on the right wearing the leather skull cap, with goggles, and the three-piece suit.  Very cool.
 Feb  1-3rd 2007 0628
DDG-105 USS Dewey,DDG-107 USS Gravely and DDG-110 USS William P Lawrence being built at Ingalls Operations NGSS in Pascagoula,Ms.
F/A-18D from VMFA(AW)-533 drops CBU-99 Cluster Bombs during a squadron deployment to El Centro, CA.
Airborne operation training
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