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Airborne operation training
 Feb  1-3rd 2007 0628
White House
The Vietnam Memorial Wall
"W"  Air Force Memorial
United States Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers, Keith Little, Peter MacDonald, Frank Chee Willetto, and Bill Toledo at  the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. 28 October 2009. Only two Code Talkers are still alive. Mr. MacDonald and Bill Toledo. Mr. Little passed away in January 2012 and Mr. Willetto passed away just a few days ago on the 23rd of June 2012.
The CH-47 Chinook helicopter is a twin-engine, tandem rotor, cargo helicopter. The Chinook helicopter's primary missions are movement of ammunition, repair parts, petroleum and tactical movement of artillery, troops, and special weapons on the battlefield.
Stacks of napalm.
Operation "Oregon," a search and destroy mission conducted by infantry platoon of Troop B. An infantryman is lowered into a tunnel by members of the reconnaissance platoon, April 24, 1967.
During the period of September 1, 1942 to November 15, 1942, Captain McGraw, then an auxiliary (enrolled woman), the only assigned  Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) photographer, set up the entire photographic facilities of the First WAAC Training Center at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. She was awarded the Legion of Merit for her outstanding work.

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