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April 26th : <h2>Tumut</h2>
<font size="3" face="Verdana">is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia, situated on the banks of the Tumut River. Tumut is at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains and is referred to as the gateway to the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Tumut Shire Council is administered from offices located in Tumut

Blowering Dam is on the Tumut River in Australia. It is part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Associated with the dam is the Blowering Power Station.

The dam was completed in 1968. It holds 1,628,000 megalitres (million litres). The wall height is 112 m and is constructed of earth and rockfill. The water from the dam is used for irrigation along the Murrumbidgee River, Yanco/Colombo/Billabong Creeks system, the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and the Colleambally Irrigation Area.</font>
<h1>The Parade Day</h1>
<font size="3" face="Verdana"><FONT COLOR="#cc6600">
The views expressed from this point on are those of the author only
Written by Vic Widman (Events Coordinator for clubMINI)</font>

Saturday morning dawned clear and brisk and it looked like we would have a fine day for the parade. The morning was given over to washing and polishing the MINI’s so they would look their best in the parade. Then there was time for some shopping in the quaint country shops before we attended Doug’s beautiful home for morning tea before the parade.

Being in a parade in a country town is a real buzz. You are surrounded by excited school kids dressed in various outfits, trucks done up to represent their chosen sponsors and the colour of the helium filed balloons, clowns and horse riding bushmen all add to the atmosphere. But once the parade gets underway, the real buzz starts. We had a good mix of new and old MINI’s going two by two down the main street which was filled with happy smiling faces at times several people deep at the barricades. Waving and horn blowing and acknowledging the crowd’s appreciation for our vehicles makes for a great time The parade concluded in a park where we were allocated space to pt our vehicles on display. The park also housed a variety of country stalls where you could purchase anything from fairy floss to home made cakes. We enjoyed spending our money and showing off our MINI’s to the country folk.

The MINI clubman on loan from MINI Australia dragged in a lot of onlookers, and it was interesting to see the reaction to the extra storage capacity in the clubman, not sure how the upholstery would stand up to carting a few sheep around though? By later afternoon we took a short drive out to Blowering Dam where we managed to park all the MINI’s on the Dam Wall for a photo session. Then it was back to our rooms to prepare for the Fireworks display scheduled for 7pm. We walked to the oval and managed a vantage point right in front of the fireworks which prompted many Ooooh’s and Arrrh’s. Just as the fireworks concluded down came the traditional rain which ensured everyone scattered home.</font>

April 26th


Tumut is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia, ...

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Dedicated MINI Motoring date! :

Dedicated MINI Motoring date!

chris bowens (bonz)

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MINIs at Lime Rock 2009 :

MINIs at Lime Rock 2009


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Run For The Ozarks : The 2010 trip of the High Plains Motoring Society to Harrison, Arkansas. MINI drivers and their passengers from Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois and other states (did I miss any?) motored to northwest Arkansas to enjoy the numerous twisty roads in the Ozark Mountains. This drive was dubbed to Run For The Ozarks (R4TO).

Run For The Ozarks


The 2010 trip of the High Plains Motoring Society to Harrison, Arkansa ...

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Media :



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MINI AUnited 2009 :

MINI AUnited 2009


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Tumut 2009 :

Tumut 2009


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Wazza Memorial Drive :

Wazza Memorial Drive


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Southern Highlands Drive Day Mk III : 21st March 2009

Had yet another great drive yesterday. We started at Loftus Oval at 8am. Most of us anyway. As usual, Avril rolled up at 8:30am and we left straight afterwards. In total, we had JohnG, MeiLing, Jasmine, Lee, Snapper, Peter, Avril and Floody, in addition to Fiona, Alex and myself. So five MINIs, a Polo GTI and a 135i.

Our first leg saw us pass through the Royal NP, along Sea Cliff Bridge, up Bulli Pass, onto Picton Rd and then Mt Keira Rd, detour to the dead-end and back on Harry Graham Dr, down Mt Keira Rd, onto the freeway to Albion Park Rail for fuel up. We then headed over to Jamberoo for morning tea at the bakery. Lovely coffee, pies and pastries!

Second leg was a quick loop up Saddleback Mtn via Jerrara Rd, Saddleback Mtn Rd, and Fountaindale Rd. Then back into Jamberoo and up Jamberoo Mountain Rd. We stopped at Robertson Pub for lunch but not before a loop to Kangaloon, Tourist Rd, and a return trip on Macquarie Pass (Alex spewed! Literally). The service at the pub was abysmal. Half our table were served very quickly while the other half (myself included), who actually ordered first, had to wait 1 1/2hrs to get a meal that included partially cooked chips! Very disappointing - they're usually much better.

After a LOOONG lunch, we headed off on the third leg to Kangaroo Valley via Wildes Meadow. We then went straight through to Cambewarra Mtn on Moss Vale Rd, cut across the ridge on (the other) Tourist Rd, turned back to Bellawongarah and down Kangaroo Valley Rd, hung a right onto Wattamolla Rd over to Berry. The latter road is unsealed for a couple kms, and was very skatey!

After a visit to the sourdough bakery in Berry, we headed for home in Albion Park. Floody and JohnG then discovered the joys of open-top MX5ing with a (very) quick run up Macquarie Pass. At least that's what they claimed. I suspect the lovely couple, with their matching white t-shirts, must have found a quiet hideaway for a romantic interlude! They did return with very large grins. 

Dinner was a scrummy feast of homemade tandoori chicken and coriander/lemongrass chicken done on the BBQ. Lot's of beer, wine, etc consumed and JohnG was snoring on the lounge by 9:30pm!

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Southern Highlands Drive Day Mk III


21st March 2009 Had yet another great drive yesterday. We started a ...

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2009-02-08 Hunter Chapter Launch :

2009-02-08 Hunter Chapter Launch


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