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2008-06-21 : <H3>To view this album in all its glory best to use "Smugmug Style" from dropdown on top right side you can enlarge to Large X3</H3> 

<H2>The Temple of Baal Cave Tour</H2>
In 2006, one of the world's most beautiful caves, the Temple of Baal , was transformed with a state-of-the-art light and sound show designed to highlight the cave's stunning features while protecting its environment.

The transformation combines sound effects, evocative music and the latest in LED lighting technology, in a sensory excursion which explores the creation of the cave, its discovery last century and its legendary formations.

First opened to the public in 1907, the Temple of Baal is renowned for its beauty and spectacular features, many of which carry names from the biblical story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

Visitors enter the Temple of Baal Cave via the Binoomea Cut, then down the Dragon’s Throat via a long winding staircase.

The cave boasts two massive chambers, one 42 metres high, and is filled with beautiful formations such as the nine-metre long Angel's Wing shawl - one of the largest cave shawls in the world. The cave also offers one of the best displays of gravity-defying helictites.

Intimate weddings can be held in this cave.

Average inspection time: 1½ hour

Length: 365 metres 
Number of stair steps: 288 
Fitness level: average

History of Jenolan Caves can be found here



To view this album in all its glory best to use "Smugmug Style" from d ...

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2008-06-01 Wollombi Run : <font size="3" face="Verdana"> Ann organised a Pirates run to Wollombi, we had lunch at the pub and multiple photo sessions (Thanks Ann) as always photo without watermarks can be obtained by emailing me and advising the file name

BTW You can find more pics at my mates site (SNAPPER)

<H2>The Biker "Tex" & Dog "Bundy"</H2>
I found this info on a forum the Author HORIZON-DOC
<FONT COLOR="#cc6600">Tex used to have a dog named Cash , they as a pair set many records , raised much  money for charitys and gave unmeaserable amounts of smiles to kids and people all around Australia.

Cash and Tex covered over 300,000 klms  on various bikes and at the end were sponsored by Aprilia.
Cash was the first dog in the world to cover an 11 second pass at the drags (W.S.I.D.)  
He was also the first dog anywhere in the world to be honoured in a National Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
Unfortunatley "Cash " passed away on 24th June 2005 ( R.I.P ) when in a severe storm slipped from the bike and was struck by an on-coming car.

This not only rocked those who have been touched ( through charity work) by them both , but also rocked the motorcycling community.

Since that terrible day Tex now has a new companion, his name is "BUNDY" 

In  2006 a little ray of sunshine came into Tex's life in the form of “Bundy” a Smithfield or sometimes called “stumpy tail Blue Heeler. 

She is now two & a half years old and has covered around 100,000 klms, mainly on Hayabusa’s. 
She is officially the fastest dog on a motorcycle having recorded 280kph.
Tex is also submiting their paperwork to be recognised  American based “Iron Butt Association” . ( which we believe is the first dog rider).

They recently  covered 2044klms in 23 hours making them eligble for an SS2000 award.
Bundy is also the first dog to  become a member of the Australian FarRiders.
The Below photos are Bundy on her Hayabusa. ( doing 130kph on a long run to Darwin).

2008-06-01 Wollombi Run


Ann organised a Pirates run to Wollombi, we had lunch at the pub and ...

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MINI Challenge 2008 :

MINI Challenge 2008


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New Country MINI Clubman Launch 2-16-2008 :

New Country MINI Clubman Launch 2-16-...


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Vegas Trip 2-18-2008 - 2-20-2008 :

Vegas Trip 2-18-2008 - 2-20-2008


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Trip to England with MINI 2004 :

Trip to England with MINI 2004


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Run 4 The Corners 2007 : The 2nd annual road trip to the Four Corners region by the New Mexico MINI club and Colorado's MINI club, MINI5280 (10/20-21/2007). The Four Corners is the only place in the U.S. where the borders of four states (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona) meet at one point.

Run 4 The Corners 2007


The 2nd annual road trip to the Four Corners region by the New Mexico ...

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New Country MINI Carstume Contest 10-20-2007 :

New Country MINI Carstume Contest 10-...


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MINIs at Lime Rock 9-3-2007 :

MINIs at Lime Rock 9-3-2007


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Mini Cooper S 2007 :

Mini Cooper S 2007

Shawna Huhn Seto

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