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Pascagoula Tourism Pictures : Jimmy Buffett sang a song about his birthplace,and his uncle Billy, called the Pascagoula Run. Pascagoula (Bread Eaters) was, and still is, a fishing village, and is an industrial city with Standard Oil, now Chevron Pascagoula Refinery (Built 1963-Present) and Ingall's Shipbuilding (Built in the mid 1930's), which is the largest single employer in the State and has earned the title "The Flagship City"  of Mississippi, and a "Sleepy little Town" as described by Ray Stevens in his Song "The Mississippi Squirell Revival". The city made it's major motion picture debut in 1999 in the Micheal Mann movie "The Insider" with Al Pacino,Russell Crowe,and Christopher Plummer about Big Tobacco and the States lawsuit and Victory against them. The City has the East and West Pascagoula River, also known as the "Singing River", and the only unaffected river by man, in the United States, that flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The Legend of the River is World Famous, with it's mysterious music. The singing sounds like a swarm of bees heard in late evenings during late summer,and autumn. Barely heard at first the music seems to grow nearer,and louder until it sounds as though it comes directly under foot. An old Indian legend connects the sound with the mysterious extinction of the Pascagoula Indians. Pascagoula means "Bread Eaters". The Pascagoula were a gentle tribe of contented  innocent, inoffensive people, while the Biloxi were a tribe who considered themselves the "First People", and were enemies of the Pascagoula. Anola, a princess of the Biloxi Braves was in love with Altama, chief of the Pascagoula. Anola was betrothed to a chieftan of her own tribe, but fled to Altama. The sporned and enraged Biloxi chieftan led his Braves against Altama and the neighboring Pascagoula. The Pascagoula swore they would either save the young chief and his bride or perish with them. When thrown into battle the Pascagoula were outnumbered and were faced with enslavement by the Biloxi tribe or death. With their women and children leading the way, the Pascagoula joined hands and began to chant a song of death as they walked into the river until the last voice was hushed by the dark engulfing waters. Many believe the modern day sound is that of the death song of the Pascagoula tribe. Various hypothetical scientific explanations have been offered for this phenomenon, but none have been proven. The latest big story about Pascagoula was Hurricane Katrina. In 2005 the storm flooded most of the Houses south of I-10. The hurricane affected most ,of the near 30,000 ( Including us with a 56 to 59% damaged home, my mom and stepfather along with a lot of Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and many friends. Most, including us rebuilt ), residents in some form. Some way worse than others. 19 people in Jackson County lost their lives during and after the storm hit. 2 people were never identified and they are now buried in Macphelia cemetery under the names " John Love and Jane Mercy". The city was also affected by the recent B.P. Deepwater Horizon explosion and leak that occurred in April 2010. The people of Pascagoula are very resilient. They have survived and rebuilt after Hurricanes ( Hurricane of 1906 ), ( Hurricane of 1947 ), Betsy ( 1965 ), Camille (1969 ), Frederic ( 1979 ), Elena ( 1985 ), Georges ( 1998 ), Isadore ( 2002 ), Katrina ( 2005 ) and several other smaller storms Like Hurricane Gustav ( 2008 ), and Ike which caused minimal damage to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the last storm, Hurricane Isaac ( 2012 ) which killed 2 people and caused $24.3 million in damage to Mississippi .

Pascagoula Tourism Pictures


Jimmy Buffett sang a song about his birthplace,and his uncle Billy, ca ...

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Pascagoula,Mississippi : If you need photography services in and around the Pascagoula Area please go to my website www.alanhinkelphotography.com I do Weddings,Senior Portfolios,All types of Portraits,Modeling,Travel Photos,Wildlife,Pets,Ballgames,Social Events,Insurance Photos,Houses,Businesses,Things for Sell,Scuba,Snorkeling,Swimming and other Underwater Photos,and just about everything else.I also do some video but I do not have professional video equipment.Pascagoula(meaning:Bread Eaters)is called the Flagship City of Mississippi because it employs more people than any other county in Mississippi.It is a Quiet,Resilient,and an Industrial City with Two very large Companies that both use the 40 foot Deep dredged Waterways to get to Deep Water.Ingall's Shipbuilding(Northrop Grumman) is the State's largest employer.It is on the west side of the city on the Singing River.Chevron has their Largest Refinery in the Continental U.S on Bayou Cassotte on the east side of the City.Pascagoula was severly damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and is still rebuilding.I have new photos of the old Pascagoula High School which is being re-built as a Senior's Home.I will also be publishing photos from the B.P.Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Crisis as it affect's Pascagoula.



If you need photography services in and around the Pascagoula Area ple ...

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PHS Soccer :

PHS Soccer


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Anchor Square Photos : Photos taken at the Cottages of Anchor Square where my business is located.

Anchor Square Photos


Photos taken at the Cottages of Anchor Square where my business is loc ...

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