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Jypsi : Originally from upstate Illinois, the four prodigiously talented siblings in Jypsi may be the freshest phenomenon to spring “out” of Nashville since Texas transplants the Dixie Chicks took mainstream country music by storm 11 years ago. Like the Dixie Chicks before them, Jypsi’s sound is rooted in traditional bluegrass and buoyed by gorgeous harmonies, pop-friendly hooks and top-notch instrumental chops. Lead singer Lillie Mae Rische brings the lion’s share of the vocal firepower, but sisters Amber-Dawn (fiddle) and Scarlett (mandolin) and brother Frank (guitar) all chime in, too. Jypsi’s self-titled debut was released last May by Arista Nashville. Highlights include the single “I Don’t Love You Like That” and the spirited bluegrass instrumental, “Kandi Kitchen.”


Sean Murphy

Originally from upstate Illinois, the four prodigiously talented sibli ...

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Schneider, Bob and The Scabs : The Scabs are not only one of the tightest, funkiest R&B revues ever to heat up the stage at Antone’s, Austin’s fabled home of the blues, they’re also undoubtedly the raunchiest. Frontman Bob Schneider — a man who really needs no introduction in the Live Music Capital of the World — allows no opportunity for sexual innuendo, double-entendre or outright ribaldry to go unfulfilled. The result is a riotous dance-party vibe that’ll have you laughing out loud and rolling your eyes while shaking your booty. Keep the kids away from this band, or make sure their ears are well-plugged! But don’t miss ’em; they will rock you. Schneider just took home the latest of 30 Austin Music Awards in March: Best Male Vocals; Band of the Year, for his more refined project, Lonelyland; and Best Bluegrass, for his Texas Bluegrass Massacre. Clearly, the dude’s got a lot of musical irons in the fire, and all of them are intriguing on different levels. But when it comes to Bob’s wild side, the Scabs are unbeatable.

Schneider, Bob and The Scabs

Sean Murphy

The Scabs are not only one of the tightest, funkiest R&B revues ever t ...

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Ben Harper And Relentless7 : "Although the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and slide guitarist extraordinaire insists that he’ll always make music with his Criminals, right now he’s playing some of the most exhilarating music of his career with an outfit he calls Relentless7. Consider it Harper’s Texas band. Lead guitarist Jason Mozersky played in a band called Wan Santo Condo that Harper first heard when that band’s singer was driving Harper to a gig in Austin back in 1998. He was blown away, and later invited Mozersky to play on his 2006 album, Both Sides of the Gun. Mozersky then introduced Harper to a couple of his friends who played in another band out of Texas called Oliver Future: bassist and keyboardist Jesse Ingalls and drummer Jordan Richardson. They, too, played on Both Sides of the Gun, and the chemistry was so tight, Harper knew he’d found just the right guys to help him take his music in a new direction. And, as showcased on this May’s White Lies for Dark Times (Virgin), that direction is straight-up rock ’n’ roll, served up, naturally, with a whole lotta soul. The name of the first single sums up the Relentless7 experience perfectly: “Shimmer and Shine.” (Excerpt from See also:

Ben Harper And Relentless7

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"Although the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and slide guitarist ext ...

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Dave Matthews Band : From their first gig at an Earth Day festival and their early days on the traveling H.O.R.D.E. Festival to their current status as the hardest-touring summer act since the Grateful Dead — not to mention frontman Dave Matthews’ status as the fourth performing board member of Farm Aid — the Dave Matthews Band is practically synonymous with festivals and outdoor concerts. A hero of the jam band nation, Matthews and his jazz/rock fusion outfit, formed in Charlottesville, Va., can be counted on not to stick to a formula. You want samplings from this June’s, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King? Odds are good. You want “Tripping Billies,” “Crash Into Me,” “What Would You Say,” “Ants Marching” or his feverish cover of “All Along the Watchtower”? You might get lucky, but keep an open mind, because this band’s got a vast repertoire and isn’t given to delivering rote versions of the same old hits. Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, violinist Boyd Tinsley and drummer Carter Beauford, along with sax player Jeff Coffin of Béla Fleck’s Flecktones (replacing LeRoi “Groogrux” Moore, who died last year from injuries sustained in an ATV accident) and trumpeter Rashawn Ross, are given to flights of sonic fancy marked by the kind of tightness that only bands on a telepathic wavelength can achieve night after night.  From:, Also see:

Dave Matthews Band

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From their first gig at an Earth Day festival and their early days on ...

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Decemberists : "The Decemberists make arena rock for people who might have role-playing games stashed away in the closet. Frontman Colin Meloy hasn’t met a four- and five-syllable word he can’t rhyme to another four- or five-syllable word as he sings 21st century narrative folk songs with an edgy indie-rock undercurrent. His Portland band matches his picaresque lyrical aspirations with a baroque sort of music — featuring accordions, cellos, Wurlitzers, bouzoukis and hurdy-gurdies — that sometimes suggests sea chanteys, other times old English murder ballads. It would all sound a little precious were it not for the delivery, which has enough punky thrust to sell it to music venues rather than coffee shops. Much ado was made of the band’s jump from an independent label to a major, but The Crane Wife, released in 2006, found the Decemberists being daring but unchanged in their approach. The Hazards of Love boasts a few moments of rock bombast without freezing out the band’s singular approach to making music." From:, Also see:


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"The Decemberists make arena rock for people who might have role-playi ...

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Sam Roberts Band : Singer/songwriter/violinist-turned-guitarist Sam Roberts is one of those guys who seems like he came from out of nowhere overnight, but this roots-rocker’s career actually built slowly in his native Canada. It started with a band named William, later called Northstar. After they broke up, Roberts recorded Brother Down, followed by the EP, The Inhuman Condition.His 2008 disc, Love at the End of the World, debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian album chart. To date, Roberts — who’s been likened to “a young Bruce Springsteen in both sound and swagger” — has racked up six Juno awards (Canada’s equivalent of the Grammys). (Excerpt from Also see:

Sam Roberts Band

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Singer/songwriter/violinist-turned-guitarist Sam Roberts is one of tho ...

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Flogging Molly : This is one of the best Gaelic punk bands this side of Dublin, which is all the more impressive given that Flogging Molly was formed in Los Angeles — specifically, way back in 1997, at a little Irish bar called Molly Malone’s. Frontman Dave King was actually born in Dublin, but Flogging Molly’s authenticity goes a lot deeper than that: accordion player Matthew Hensley, violinist and tin whistle player Bridget Regan and mandolin/banjo player Robert Schmidt could all hold their own in any traditional Celtic music band on the planet. But throw in lead guitarist Dennis Casey, bassist Nathen Maxwell and drummer George Schwindt, and Flogging Molly transcends the trad-band tag to become a bang-up punk outfit, too. (excerpt from: Also see:

Flogging Molly

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This is one of the best Gaelic punk bands this side of Dublin, which i ...

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Tosco House Party - January 2010 : Images of the performers at the January 2010 Tosco House Party at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC.  The Tosco House Party is an open mic event held the first Wednesday of each month.

Tosco House Party - January 2010

Monty Chandler

Images of the performers at the January 2010 Tosco House Party at the ...

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs : By the time the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their 2003 full-length debut, Fever to Tell, the New York City trio already had indie-rock stardom in the bag. Formed in 2000 by art-student-turned-punk-rock frontwoman Karen O, guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase, the young band gathered buzz fast and furiously with its first EP and opening for acts like the Strokes and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion both throughout the States and across Europe.For this year’s It’s Blitz!, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went extra-heavy on the synths and keyboards, with glorious results. Spin called it “the alternative pop album of the decade — one that imbues the Killers’ Hot Fuss and MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular with a remarkable emotional depth and finesse.” Excerpt from:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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By the time the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their 2003 full-length debut, ...

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Saadiq, Raphael : He is a standard bearer for what folks call ‘old school’ music, a contemporary artist continuing a time-honored tradition that goes back to the ‘60s and ‘70s. From his early days as a member of the groundbreaking ‘80s group Tony! Toni! Toné! through his work as an award-winning producer of such artists as Joss Stone, The Roots, Snoop Dogg, John Legend among many others and his own solo albums, the multi-talented Raphael Saadiq has kept the faith. “Every record I’ve ever made has had those influences…The Temptations, Al Green, The Four Tops and so on,” Raphael explains from the L.A. studio where he recorded his latest illustrious work. (Excerpt from  Also see:

Saadiq, Raphael

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He is a standard bearer for what folks call ‘old school’ music, a ...

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