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TOADIES - Clark Vogeler  LIVESTRONG (East) Stage  Sunday, October 04, 2009, 4:00 - 5:00 PM  Photos Courtesy of Sean Murphy © 2009
Paul McDonald of Hightide Blues performing Charlotte's Visulite Theatre January 24th 2009
"Bending over backwards" ... so what do "you" do at work again?     Photographer Ross Hamamura,
Omar Kent Dykes with Jimmie Vaughan  On The Jimmy Reed Highway  Blues on the Green, Austin, Texas  8 August 2007  Photo © Sean Murphy 2007, please do not reproduce without permission.
 7-4-13 (476)2
Shooting Jeremy Orris (Envirusment) at The Knitting Factory Concert House Reno
John Digweed at The Vagabond, Miami Aug 9th 2012

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Photo by: Eric Trehorel · See photo in original gallery.