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Alaska Support Industry Alliance : These photos are available for personal, art and editorial use under a 'personal' license. They may not be downloaded for commercial or political endorsement or use (i.e. Exception: Individuals pictured may use their own photos for commercial or political use). Hundreds more of these photos are coming to our various galleries. Check back. See 'Download' tab under 'Buy'.   Your products will not include the copyright notice watermark noted on the face of these photos.

Individuals featured in these galleries will be provided one free digital photo file upon request subject only to the photographer's existing priorities and time availability, In the case of photographs of deceased subjects, this policy also applies to next of kin.

With a home base in Alaska, Dave Harbour specializes in candid photographs of news makers.  Many of the photos are camera cropped but others are heavily cropped.  Some are partially edited (i.e. Photoshop, etc., but most are not.  Those wishing fully edited photos may request portrait treatment and we will provide it without additional cost after an individual downloads the photo).  Editors requiring higher resolution or edited photographs are welcome to contact us: Those paying for 'Original' photographs may email us requesting the highest resolution versions of a given photo that we have.  Individuals pictured will especially appreciate the high quality and competitive pricing -- also the wonderful array of products from normal glossy prints, to matte and incredible, framed canvas prints.  One can also make note cards, mouse pads and coffee cups from photos or instantly download photos for web or high resolution use.  

Please enjoy!    -dh

Alaska Support Industry Alliance

Dave Harbour

These photos are available for personal, art and editorial use under a ...

Updated: Jan 23, 2015 3:34pm PST

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