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Washington Elk : The weather has been pretty crummy around here, overcast and rain.  I decided to head up to Mount Rainier just to check out the fall colors, and on my way up I ran into this herd.  I stopped and watched the cows and calves, and then I heard some big sticks cracking.  Then came the sweet sound of a bugleing bull, and he was headed my way.  I waited until he stepped out of the woods, and was only able to capture a few frames of him before he disappeared again.  What a wonderful bonus to take away the gloom!

Washington Elk


The weather has been pretty crummy around here, overcast and rain. I ...

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Wood ducks and more :

Wood ducks and more


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Damon Point State Park : I've been keeping up with Ebird and all of the snowy owl sightings in WA.  Phil has finally returned home for a few months, so I was able to leave him with the pups and drive two and a half hours to Ocean Shores to hike into Damon Point State Park and find them.  When I arrived the wind was blowing something fierce and I ended up with lots of sand in my gear, eyes, and teeth!  I searched for quite a while to find the owls where I was told they were hanging out, but I kept getting new information that had me hiking much further down the beach.  I was fortunate enough to run into a gentleman who knew exactly where they were, and he led me to their location.  Pure bliss when I finally got to see them, but I needed to spend a little time waiting for the light to change so it wasn't so harsh.  Not a problem, I hiked on the other side of the peninsula where the wind wasn't so strong, and found numerous birds hanging out near shore!  When the lighting changed, I made my way back to the owls in hopes of capturing a few nice images.  I didn't want to get too close as to bother them, but they did get scared.  After a few images, I started to hike back out so as not to stress them out and ran into Paul Bannick, author of The Owl and The Woodpecker, (beautiful book, check it out!).  I learned from him that my skulking was actually a bad way to approach owls as they looked at me as though I were a predator.  Always good to learn new information, so I will file it away for the next opportunity to photograph owls!  I was ecstatic to finally get out and enjoy nature again without worrying about getting home to rescue Tobi from his crate.  Phil will be home through August, so I have lots of plans to make up for lost time.  If anyone wants to get together to bird or for a photo shoot, just let me know!

Damon Point State Park


I've been keeping up with Ebird and all of the snowy owl sightings in ...

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Mt. Rainier wildlife July 2011 : It was another great day of spotting wildlife, this time it was big game.  Because we arrived in the park so early and it was complete cloud cover, the lighting was not great for photography.  The Elk bull image was shot at 2000 ISO, and I still had blurry images.  Even though I didn't get to photograph the elk, we spotted 4 bulls and a multitude of cows.  The black tail deer was laying on the side of the road and had no qualms about me walking right up to her.  It was a phenomenal day!

Mt. Rainier wildlife July 2011


It was another great day of spotting wildlife, this time it was big ga ...

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Chippewa Lake Park : Chippewa Lake Park

Chippewa Lake Park

Ron Skinner

Chippewa Lake Park

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National Aviary - Mexican War Streets District : National Aviary - Pittsburgh Pa

National Aviary - Mexican War Streets...

Ron Skinner

National Aviary - Pittsburgh Pa

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Tall Ships 2013 :

Tall Ships 2013


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Charleston, South Carolina : Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina

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Grafitti- Westside Market clock 6-13-2013 :

Grafitti- Westside Market clock 6-13-...


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Various Cleveland 6-9-2013 :

Various Cleveland 6-9-2013


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