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Farsund : A coastal town in south west Norway


John Luxton

A coastal town in south west Norway

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Where I Live : Photos from my daily walk in the forest.

Where I Live


Photos from my daily walk in the forest.

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Tromsø 05.03.2011 : The city of Tromsø in Norway on a saturday evening early in march.

Tromsø 05.03.2011

Karl Otto Heitmann

The city of Tromsø in Norway on a saturday evening early in march.

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Oslo : Oslo Norway Overview
Located on the Aker River at the head of the Oslo Fjord is Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Modern in design and architecture, it is famous for its many parks, public statues and museums. 

Oslo is Norway’s largest city and leading seaport as well as the principal commercial, manufacturing and cultural center. Among the major products produced in Oslo are electric and electronic equipment, chemicals, textiles, ships, processed foods, printed materials, wood and metal goods and machinery. 

One of the most widely visited attractions in Oslo is the Vigelandsparken (Vigeland Sculpture Park), which is a 79 acre park that is dedicated to the work of Gustav Vigeland, considered Norway’s greatest sculpture. The park contains more than 200 bronze, granite and wrought iron sculptures. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the 60-foot high, 121 figure Monolith, also known as the “cycle of life.” 

Adjacent to the park is the Vigeland Museum, which was at one time Vigeland’s residence and studio. Thousands more items fill the museum, including 420 woodcuts and 12,000 drawings and sketches. 

Other museums that should be on the list of “must see” are Holmenkollenbakken (Holmenkollen Ski Museum), Vikingskiphuset (Viking Ship Museum) and Kon-Tiki Museum. 

The history of skiing in Norway is traced in the Holmenkollenbakken. Seen in the Ski Museum are early cave paintings of human figures on skis through polar expeditions of Nansen and Amundsen. 

In the Vikingskiphuset there are three Viking burial vessels, the “Gokstad,” “Tune” and “Oseberg.” These date from 800AD to 900AD and were found near the Oslo Fjord some time during the 19th century. The Oseberg is a 64-foot long vessel with a dragon-shaped keel that contained royal remains. An outstanding collection of objects used on the boats is also on display. These objects were believed to ensure a happy afterlife to those who died. 

The Kon-Tiki Museum is a private foundation and is home to a wide range of boats and artifacts, which came from scientist Thor-Heyerdahl’s 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean. The original Kon-Tiki raft with a 30-foot whale shark underneath is on display, along with lava statues from Easter Island and the papyrus boat “Ra II.” 

A site worth visiting is the Fram Museet (Polar Ship “Fram”). This is the famous polar ship “Fram” that was designed and built by Colin Archer in 1893 for the Fridtjof Nansen’s Arctic expedition, which took three years. In 1910-1912 Roald Amundsen used the ship to sail to the South Pole. 

Two other museums that are quite interesting and if time permits warrants a visit are Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Folk Museum) and Nasjonalgalleriet (National Gallery). 

The Folk Museum is the largest museum of cultural history in Norway with its buildings, lovely grounds and indoor exhibits. These exhibits are a collection from the towns and countryside of Norway. On display are old farmhouses, buildings with sod roofs, furniture, costumes and art. In addition there is a Saami culture exhibition. 

The National Gallery contains Norway’s more important art collection with an emphasis on Norwegian paintings, sculpture and lithography. 

Oslo Norway History
The very long and narrow country of Norway reaches so far north that the Arctic Circle runs about halfway between its southernmost and northern most points. Ninety-five percent of Norway is covered by forest with more than seventy percent consisting of mountains, lakes, moorland and 1,700 glaciers. Measured straight, the coastline totals 1,625 miles, but that figure multiplies to 13,125 miles when counting in all of its fjords. Known as the Viking Capital, Oslo is surrounded by magnificent scenery from the majestic fjord it rests upon to the vast forest covered hills. 

Situated in the heart of Scandinavia, Oslo lies at the head of the Oslo Fjord in the southeastern quadrant of Norway close to the Swedish border. While the fjord contains 40 islands, there are 343 lakes within the city’s limits. Although one of the largest countries in Europe, Norway has a very low population density with just over four and a half million inhabitants. A very friendly and welcoming people, the Norwegians enjoy a low crime rate and a clean environment. Oslo’s population of 500,000 is mostly comprised of native Norwegians and other Europeans. 

Oslo’s history goes back to the Viking age when fierce Norsemen set out over the Atlantic to conquer Iceland, England, Ireland and North America. Though dramatic, Viking dominance was short lived, and at the turn of the 10th century, a settlement was built at the end of the Oslo Fjord, then called “Viken”, and Christianity took over as the dominant religion. During the 11th century, this settlement grew into the medieval city of Oslo, an important royal stronghold, ecclesiastical center and commercial center, and later, during the Middle Ages, came under the rule of Denmark and Sweden. A Norwegian identity was finally established and Norway gained its sovereignty in 1905 when a king was chosen by referendum. A constitutional monarchy, Norway is today a very modern and highly industrialized nation.



Oslo Norway Overview Located on the Aker River at the head of the Osl ...

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Ålesund : Photos from Ålesund Norway



Photos from Ålesund Norway

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Norway - Krøderbanen :

Norway - Krøderbanen

Gunnar Kopperud

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Norway - Kongsberg - silver mines : Kongsberg - silver mines

Norway - Kongsberg - silver mines

Gunnar Kopperud

Kongsberg - silver mines

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Norway - Bø i Telemark : Summer holiday

Norway - Bø i Telemark

Gunnar Kopperud

Summer holiday

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Noorwegen 1987 : Holiday snapshots

Noorwegen 1987

Henk Aarts

Holiday snapshots

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Noorwegen 1986 : Holiday snapshots

Noorwegen 1986

Henk Aarts

Holiday snapshots

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