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Art - Performing - Arctic Siren : These photos are available for personal, art and editorial use under a 'personal' license. They may not be downloaded for commercial or political endorsement or use--except by the artist pictured.  Hundreds more of these photos are coming.  Check back.  See 'Download' tab under 'Buy'.  We especially recommend printing these photos on canvas for wonderful, oil painting effect.  You can order canvas printing in either a 'rolled' format or 'framed'.  The framed option (under 'Buy' / 'this photo') is inexpensive and allows you to hang the photograph immediately upon receiving it or memorialize it in a frame later.  Enjoy!

Individuals featured in these galleries will be provided one free high resolution photograph -- of the photographer's choice -- upon request subject only to the photographer's existing priorities and time availability,  In the case of photographs of deceased subjects, this policy also applies to next of kin.

With a home base in Alaska, Dave Harbour specializes in candid photographs of people engaged in their personal and professional pursuits.  Here you will find performing arts personalities who are mostly appearing in public places.  Many of the photos are camera cropped but others are heavily cropped.  Accordingly, editors requiring higher resolution photographs are welcome to contact us:  Those paying for 'Original' photographs may email us requesting the highest resolution versions of a given photo that we have.

Subjects are listed in Alpha order (by first name) on their respective pages.   Be sure to review all pages.  -dh

Art - Performing - Arctic Siren

Dave Harbour

These photos are available for personal, art and editorial use under a ...

Updated: Jun 26, 2012 11:39am PST

Art - Performing - Jesse Vance and Friends : Many more photographs available on request.

Art - Performing - Jesse Vance and Fr...

Dave Harbour

Many more photographs available on request.

Updated: May 29, 2012 1:33pm PST

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