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Nature - Hawk eating Snake 2014-09-17 : so i wonder sometimes, if you believe in Karma you know bad karma when you see it, it is punishment for wrong doing to the universe. but what is good karma? how does the universe reward you for doing good by it.? by not making my life worse than I do helps. but if you think about it and the spiritual basis of it, you cant be rewarded with things like money, job, and stuff. that is all human based not spiritual. .
Then an event like this comes along and I realize events like this is possible and this is my reward for doing right by people and the universe. It's not only a treat to see in person but even more so when you have the time to go in the house to grab camera and share it with you all.

note: I took over 600 picts at high res 32Meg Pix till i filled up an 8gig SD card. I used the my own auto crop program I have been working on these past few months and processed all 600 picts, zoomed 70%, watermark, resize, lightened and was ready to upload them in one hour from taking them. normally it would take 30 seconds each, does not sound like a lot but add it up 30 sec x 600 picts = 18000 sec / 60 = 3000 mins = 5 hours. 
auto centering is next on the list for enhancements so i can create a slide show that does not bounce around so much. the dam thing worked as much as it did is just amazing.

Nature - Hawk eating Snake 2014-09-17


so i wonder sometimes, if you believe in Karma you know bad karma when ...

Updated: Sep 17, 2014 2:19pm PST

KS Places - Bike shop in Oberlin KS :

KS Places - Bike shop in Oberlin KS


Updated: Sep 11, 2014 11:11pm PST

KS - Thomas Arch - Wanamaker Road - Wakarusa, KS : I got lost leaving Topeka and noticed this bridge hiding between the trees from the new road.  I took the time to stop and take some photos.  What a great piece of workmanship and location. 

There is no street view of this bridge and the address is of the closet house.  10628 SW Wanamaker Rd, Wakarusa, KS 66546   But the Google maps GPS location is ... ",-95.7613335,74m/data=!3m1!1e3"

I had the pleasure of first meeting the Dog there then the owner who stopped me from running away from the dog and was more than happy to share the history of the bridge with me as she was instrumental in saving this historical site.

Reading the background made it even better experience.
Ripple Ratt
Phat Ratt Photography
Golden, Colorado

KS - Thomas Arch - Wanamaker Road - W...


I got lost leaving Topeka and noticed this bridge hiding between the t ...

Updated: May 26, 2014 10:46am PST

IMO - Christinea Sutton : ( I need help with more detailed info someone)  

Many photos are contributed by family and friends.   using this link.

All photos are free to down load by Right click . 
Prints and photo products are at cost for all IMO galleries. click buy button.    

She will be missed.

IMO - Christinea Sutton


( I need help with more detailed info someone) Many photos are cont ...

Updated: Mar 23, 2014 5:48am PST

Places - San Luis - Custom Choppers : Way southern and middle of no where Colorado is the small town of San Luis where I found San Luis Custom Cycles on Memorial Day when they should have been closed like everyone else.    This is Old School biker shop and biker hang out for the locals and as good as it gets, saved my ass but its just normal to them.  
These guys know they are on one of the major routes on the way to Red River NM for  Memorial  rally every year and have hundreds if not thousands of bikes go by there that weekend so they go out of their way to be open and ready to support any bikers who need help any way they can, which is exactly what they did for me.  
If you know me and my adventures on the Ratt Bike you may have guessed by now what happened.   I was having problems the afternoon/evening before with spark and thought i had it solved several times.   but Memorial day morning, I was heading home running great, did not have to stop in San Luis for gas so I rolled on past but just as i was leaving town bike died... for good.  no spark.  Ignition module was marginal and finally bit it.  Another fine mess i got myself into this time.  No Verizon cell coverage and 4 hours from home on a holiday.  yea.  Hotel in San Luis?  ya right.   
 I remembered I saw a bike shop in town back in Oct 2009 when i got gas there.  I laughed as i thought, Ya right, what are the odds of the shop being open, on holiday, and having ignition module for a 25 year old HD,  Odds on hitting lotto and buying new bike were better.    Either way, have to get off street and find a camping site and have bike close to the shop rather than out in open.  
 So I look and it's kinda down hill into town, cool.  I just coast or push back into town,    I could hang out at gas station and maybe some hot babe on her own bike would be willing to bitch me back on her fender.  Hey, ya never know.  more likely hang in local bar, get to know locals and spend night camping by river till the shop opens in morning.  but then again why may be gone longer cause small town they not real schedule driven.  
 Get the bike there and try the door for fun.. No Shit, door was open.  Thinking robbery in progress, i yell hello a few times and kid comes out from the back.  Ya we are open.   Turns out the owner, old school biker himself, knows life on the road and although he was not in town for the weekend he hired his nephew to open up on the holiday just for people ;like me.  He knows he is the only place for 60 miles in any direction to get 20/50 oil let alone parts or tow or mechanical help.  
 well, No brand new Ignition modules for a single fire 1985 FXST.   So the kid and I began to dig around the used parts boxes and found an Ignition to try.    Ignition was not stock, it was a hot rod single fire brand called "Spike", another story on that later.  I had my own tools and worked on getting old one out while the Kid pulls out his At&t phone, googles the Spike web site and gets the wiring diagram, static timing method and prices.
 Do a rough setting on timing and twisted wires together for quick test cause we did not even know if it would work yet, It fired up on the first kick.  got to be kidding.   Well that is good news, so I fine tuned it per spec and crimped the wires on and tied it all in...     Now for the bad news.  I was tapped out from the weekend and all i got is $60 cash which was my gas money to get home and divorce caused all my credit cards to be closed at that time.     I asked if I could just send money or return the ignition when in get home?   He calls Uncle and he says "call when you get home and we work it out".    We exchange names and numbers and off I went.   Oh, got me a tee shirt from there too so i can start promoting this business.
When does that ever happen to anyone these days.... like i said old school all the way.        I decided to keep the Ignition module cause it worked great and just what i been needing, single fire, and tune-able with roll pins on the rotor to create a multi spark instead of one single spark, new concept i guess.    I burned out a $300 "Dyna" on last road trip after only 20K miles, jap production crap, so much for name brands.  the "Spike" is from a small company here in the US and works great and does not need the VOES and it's problems with cracking vacuum hoses.    
So, lets pay it forward,  when your on Highway 159 south of Fort Garland, you cant miss San Luis its the only town from there to Questa NM,  you find SanLuis Custom choppers shop there on the main road  across from one of the two gas stations   Get gas and walk across the street and say hi, tell them you heard how you helped Phat Rat one memorial weekend and wanted to thank them.    Buy a tee shirt or better yet order your custom chopper from them, just do something to let them know their kindness and knowledge of what it is like to be a biker on the road does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by everyone..  
<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",-105.426006&daddr=CO-159+N+to:Santa+Fe+Dr+to:Hampden+Bypass%2FE+Jefferson+Ave&hl=en&geocode=%3BFaTYOgId3Du3-Q%3BFdBkWgIdNPG9-Q%3BFZ4HXQIdsg6--Q&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=13&via=1,2&sll=37.200116,-105.445747&sspn=0.06071,0.089264&ie=UTF8&ll=37.200116,-105.445747&spn=0.06071,0.089264&t=h&layer=c&cbll=37.197444,-105.427245&panoid=qfEDuOiIz06KVm01D_Ly9w&cbp=11,293.83,,0,-2.88&output=svembed"></iframe><br /><small><a href=",-105.426006&daddr=CO-159+N+to:Santa+Fe+Dr+to:Hampden+Bypass%2FE+Jefferson+Ave&hl=en&geocode=%3BFaTYOgId3Du3-Q%3BFdBkWgIdNPG9-Q%3BFZ4HXQIdsg6--Q&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=13&via=1,2&sll=37.200116,-105.445747&sspn=0.06071,0.089264&ie=UTF8&ll=37.200116,-105.445747&spn=0.06071,0.089264&t=h&layer=c&cbll=37.197444,-105.427245&panoid=qfEDuOiIz06KVm01D_Ly9w&cbp=11,293.83,,0,-2.88" style="color:yellow;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small> 
San Luis Custom Choppers  San Luis Custom Cycles    San Luis, CO 81152     (719) 672-0031

Well Thanks guys,  I be back with more beer next time and get some photos  of the bad ass custom bikes you make there too for you.  
Good luck and good work. 

Ripple  Ratt       
Founder / Owner       Phat Ratt Photography .  Golden Co. 80402     720-898-9898

PS, While researching this business I discovered I am not the only person they helped.   Check out  ""  now one person may not be a lot but it really is cause for each person who takes the time to write and post an article about a good experience there are actually hundreds of others who had the same good experience but do not take the time to write it up and post it.  yet every bad experience a person has they will take the time to post it.    

UPDATE;  its summer of 2014 and that Spike ignition is still going strong.   I ride year round in cold and heat and no speedometer but i go through 2 tires per year, I dont own a car either, just the bike and it still kicks over with one kick.  Spike Ignitions Rock.!!    

Places - San Luis - Custom Choppers


Way southern and middle of no where Colorado is the small town of San ...

Updated: Mar 17, 2014 11:38pm PST

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