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Arizona Eastern : This Gallery is dedicated to Tom Schlosser, Gene Shepherd and "my kids" at the Arizona Eastern.  In early 2002 Tom Schlosser, now passed, who was a great friend and associate, offered me the opportunity to be the General Manager of the Arizona Eastern (AZER).  Along with several other railroads, RailAmerica was in the middle of acquiring AZER.  Tom had himself only just joined RA as the Western Region VP and needed someone to take over GM duties in Globe.  I took the reins in February 2002 and left there when I retired 3 years later in February 2005.  It turned out to be one of the most fun filled, pleasurable and interesting phases of my career.

We had our down days, like broken rail derailments (which always seemed to happen in the middle of the night) on 75# rail with no ties underneath.  But there were also some great days and accomplishments, like moving over 50 unit trains of Ponderosa pine logs which resulted from the Sitgreaves NF fire of Fall 2002.  To everyone's amazement we handled the logs without a major incident, only 1 single wheel derailment, and basically an on-schedule interchange of the logs to the UP at Bowie, AZ.  In between we continued to provide Phelps-Dodge copper operations the best possible service at their Miami, AZ smelter and kept all of our other customers on plan.  I'm sure that I could not have accomplished any of those without Tom's and Gene's support and the steady, dependable, every day work of the "kids."

Arizona Eastern


This Gallery is dedicated to Tom Schlosser, Gene Shepherd and "my kids ...

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Norfolk Southern :

Norfolk Southern


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Santa Fe : After my two years of active duty in the U. S. Transportation Corps, in 1968 I joined the Santa Fe Mechanical Department and was based in Topeka, Kansas.  My Santa Fe career extended for about 14 years with stops in Kansas City (twice), Fort Madison, Iowa and Topeka (twice).  I began my Santa Fe career as the first ever management trainee in the Mechanical Department.  From that point I spent time in Industrial Engineering at the Car Shops In Topeka, Kansas.  My next assignment was as an ASDE (Assistant Supervisor Diesel Engines) in Kansas City (Argentine Locomotive Shops) and then in Fort Madison.  After 15 months of riding riding trains/locomotives as a troubleshooter, I returned to Argentine Locomotive Shops as a 2nd shift ramp foreman.

Santa Fe made the decision to try one more time to make a go of the refrigerated traffic business.  At that time I was assigned to the General Car Inspectors office in Topeka with my main responsibilities to design, implement and manage a data system to monitor the performance of Santa Fe's refrigerated fleet - both cars (MTCs) and vans.  The system as designed was one of the first "total" data bases in the mechanical side of the railroad industry.  In addition to the mechanical records for each piece of equipment we brought in movement history, waybills, Refrigeration Department line-of-road inspections, traffic data and claims.  A complete picture was painted so that management could evaluate and make more informed decisions going forward.

Remaining in Topeka at the Motive Power Building, home of the Mechanical Department staff, I was made a Department Head with the goal of designing a total Mechanical Department information system.

I left the Santa Fe in 1981 to pursue a change in my railroading career from the Class Is to Short Line - as Chief Mechanical Officer of the Ann Arbor Railroad.

The images in this Gallery reflect Santa Fe operations, equipment and my work experiences while I was there.

Santa Fe


After my two years of active duty in the U. S. Transportation Corps, i ...

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Kansas City Southern :

Kansas City Southern


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Commuter Operations :

Commuter Operations


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BNSF 1995-1999 :

BNSF 1995-1999


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Other Shortlines & Regionals :

Other Shortlines & Regionals


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Cumbres & Toltec : The Cumbres & Toltec is my favorite steam railroad.  I have made 3 trips to Colorado and New Mexico to ride and photograph the C&T.  I'm more than positive there will be more visits out that way.

Cumbres & Toltec


The Cumbres & Toltec is my favorite steam railroad. I have made 3 tri ...

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BNSF 2005 - 2009 :

BNSF 2005 - 2009


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