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Wisconsin Central :

Wisconsin Central


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Germany - ICE :

Germany - ICE


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Czech Republic - Diesel :

Czech Republic - Diesel


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Rock Island :

Rock Island


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Durango-Silverton Rail Road : The full run to Silverton was not open yet and the ride did not go to some of the higher and more scenic areas. The ride was beautiful and much more enjoyable than expected. Would like to go back and do the entire ride. If you love steam engines, soot, swaying old train cars on narrow gauge tracks that hangs VERY close to the steep edge of a very high mountain with spectacular views, this is the ride for you. If ever in Durango, Co. take the ride. They run 6 trains a day duing the summer, but only one before the end of May. There is a Christmas Train run through the snow covered mountains that has to be fantastic and the conductor resembles Tom Hanks in the movie.

Durango-Silverton Rail Road


The full run to Silverton was not open yet and the ride did not go to ...

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Missouri Pacific :

Missouri Pacific


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Colorado Railroad Museum :

Colorado Railroad Museum


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BNSF 2010 - 2011 :

BNSF 2010 - 2011


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Burlington Route :

Burlington Route


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