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Museum - Macinhata do Vouga : O Núcleo Museológico de Macinhata do Vouga, situado na segunda estação do Ramal de Sernada a Aveiro (do Vale do Vouga), ocupa antigas instalações adaptadas para o efeito.

The Nucleus Museológico de Macinhata of the Vouga, situated in the second station of the Branch of Sernada the Aveiro (of the Valley of the Vouga), it occupies ancient installations adapted for the effect

Museum - Macinhata do Vouga

João Silva

O Núcleo Museológico de Macinhata do Vouga, situado na segunda esta� ...

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Summer 2011 : Not many opportunities due to heavy work commitments, but a few notable workings covered incl Cruise Saver charters and a 66 paying a 'flying' visit to Alton. During a family holiday in the Lake District, I couldn't resist a stunning evening at Kendal, with a steam excursion nabbed at Oxenholme. Later, a few odd shots at St Cross near Winchester, and then the Pathfinder Tours excursion at Ash Vale with 37s. For the last one, my patience was sorely tested... The rail tour was over an hour late, and I got absolutely soaked at my lineside spot. But it was worth it!

Summer 2011

Jeremy de Souza

Not many opportunities due to heavy work commitments, but a few notabl ...

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Zugspitze July 2011 :

Zugspitze July 2011

Jeremy de Souza

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Bosnia - December 2009 : Bosnia Christmas 2009

Flew to Zagreb on 20/12/2009 and went by train to Sarajevo the next day over the very scenic line that mainly goes thru Republika Srpska. The heavy snow of the last few days made it very scenic. Then spent two days in Sarajevo being a war tourist. 

Lukavac - 25/26/27 - 12/2009

Arrived here on Christmas Day afternoon by bus from Sarajevo. Whilst walking to the railway station to introduce myself and explain what I will be doing over the next couple of days (I've been arrested too many times after turning up unexpected on trips like this), the class 62 from the Sisecom Soda Factory suddenly appeared free-wheeling down the main line. The owner of the back garden that I ran across to get the pic said that this happened a lot. Not sure that he meant that the loco kept going back and forth without pulling anything or that idiots like me kept running across his garden to photo it.

The Station Master and his staff were very pleased to see me and gave me lots of very strong black coffee. They said the Class 33 from the mine comes out to the station from the Kreka - Sikulje Coal Mine at 07:30 and 15:30 without fail during the day and at night at 19:00 and 22:00. And the loco from the Soda Factory comes to the station at 15:00 every day.

As I was having to get up before breakfast, the hotel gave me a "lunch bucket", which included a tin of beef which I had no means of opening! Arrived at the station at 07:00. The station master shrugged his shoulders and said "No machina". He then picked up the phone and shouted, "Tourista, Machina, Photographia" and then pointed down the line "You Sikulje. No problem". So off I went to the mine. 

At the the mine the security guard shook his head and said "No permit, no papier, no foto". I could see the loco shunting and as it has to leave the mine by at least 200 yards to change track, I hung around to see what happens. After about 10 minutes a 12 year old boy came over and explained in very good English that his father worked here and had given me permission to photograph inside the mine. The boy said he often came here on Saturday's to have footplate rides. The light wasn't great and all of the snow had gone, but at least I was able to get some pics. Dad also asked me to give 20 Km (10 Euro) to the train crew, which I gladly obliged.

The 33 finally left with a loaded coal train at 10:00 (an hour before predicted by the boy's father). It came back light and returned to pick up the empties at 11:30 (thanks to the station master for running out of his office to tell me). Just got to signal box in time.

At the third attempt to have breakfast, the 62 arrived very quietly to the station to pick up a single wagon. The station masters dog, therefore, had my breakfast, as I rushed to grab a shot of it. After that none of the predicted afternoon traffic occured, so lots more strong coffee was drunk as I helped the station master fill in his football pools coupon "Who is better, Man City or Stoke?

The following day, it rained all day. The two scheduled trains from the mine ran, but there was nothing from the soda factory. 

Lukavac - Doboj - Zenica - 28/12/2009

A travelling day, so of course, the weather was perfect. Went on the ancient two car DMU Tuzla - Doboj service. The train was full, so no chance of a photo of the mine from the train. At Doboj, I had time to take some photos from the large railway bridge before catching the Belgrade - Sarajevo express to get to Zenica.

Whilst taking a picture, about 5 “keystone cops” came charging by. I thought they going to arrest me as taking photos of railways is still a bit of a taboo out here. Later, as I was coming down, they were very sheepishly coming back up. “You foto?”, they asked. “Yes”, I replied. “No foto” and walked off.

Zenica - 29/12/2009

No trouble getting in. The man at the gate just made one phone call (presumably to the hut where the train crew sit and drink coffee all day) to get the all clear and I was in, to be greeted warmly by the crew.

The mine appeared to operating at a much reduced rate of production than from my last visit in April. The wooden loading point was out of use and wagons were loaded one at a time very slowly from a small conveyer belt further back from the old wooden building. It was taking over two hours to load one wagon with what looked like black pebbles (what’s left after being washed?) rather than huge chunks of coal. Although I tried to ask, I could not get a definitive answer as whether the wooded loading point was out of use for good or just not in use at the moment.

The first wagon was fully loaded at 11:00. It was then shunted out and an empty replaced it. It took until 14:30 to complete the loading of the second wagon. After this was shunted away and replaced, the 62 then at 15:30 went down to the station to pick up three empty wagons. It would later take 3 loaded wagons back to the station, which would then be taken to Kakanj. So, the mines’ production appeared to be only 3 wagons of pebbly coal a day.

The engine crew got a 25 Euro tip or 5 Euros each (one of whom gave me a beer from out his Christmas Hamper, which the management were giving out to each member of staff that day), which I think was fair as they allowed me to stay all day.

Kakanj - 30/12/2010

Greeted by et another very friendly train crew. I think they were just pleased that they had somebody different to talk too, as they were bored witless with virtually nothing to do.

Their only piece of work that day was one bit of shunting on the far side of the mine. They gave me a footplate ride to witness it, which I shot in appalling light. It had been raining until then and, of course, it cleared up and the sun came out soon after.

After we got back to the stabling point, a group of Italians turned up, jumped out of their car and started snapping. The boss ran out and told them that they had to go to the director's office and get a permit. We never saw them again. So, it does pay to ask politely first and share a few cups of coffee before getting your camera out of your bag.

Selvadine, the Crew Leader, spoke very good English and what with them having no other work to do, the cups of coffee soon turned into pivo, bread, cheese and other snacks. And the day was spent putting the worlds wrongs to right (apparently, Northern Ireland is the UK version of Republika Srpska). So apart from a couple of excursions on the footplate when they went to get some water and coal, that was it. Which was a shame as it was a lovely afternoon with the light just perfect for the bridge over the river. At 15:30 the sun dropped behind the mountain. They then very reluctently accepted a tip before I left to catch the 16:10 bus back to Zeneca (4 Euros each way). 

Selvadine said that 62 020, the last American built Class 62 still working, has now been repaired, but it has not been used since it was completed. He was not aware of any plans to lend it Breza. I did not go into shed, so I can't verify this. 

The narrow gauge line was very busy delivering coal to the loading point, but there was no loading of coal into the standard gauge wagons!

Bosnia - December 2009

Doug Brooks

Bosnia Christmas 2009 Flew to Zagreb on 20/12/2009 and went by trai ...

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Jixi Didao - Farewell Part 1 :

Jixi Didao - Farewell Part 1

Doug Brooks

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Jixi Chengzihe - Farewell Part 1 :

Jixi Chengzihe - Farewell Part 1

Doug Brooks

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Jixi Chengzihe Farewell Part 4 :

Jixi Chengzihe Farewell Part 4

Doug Brooks

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Huanan Forestry Railway : Huanan Forestry Railway

These photos were taken on the Farrail Tours trip to the Huanan Forestry Railway from 24 August 2010 to 28 August 2010. They are ordered geographically from Huanan – Xiahua – Tuoyaozi – Lixin and beyond.

The railway once had a network of lines stretching over 200 Km, using 11 class C2 0-8-0 locomotives built between 1960 and 1980. However, it has not transported any logs since 2003, but it still operates a 46 Km line to the Forestry Commissions own coal mine, with the 3 remaining working locos. The coal from the mine is used to heat their massive HQ building in Harbin and other regional offices.

If all 3 locomotives are available, trains of 8 empty coal wagons leave Huanan chimney first every 4 hours or so. After crossing a flat open plain for 20 Km eastward, it will cross at Xiahua a loaded train returning from the mine at Hongguang. From here the line turns south east towards Tuoyaozi (5 Km) after which it rises steeply through an increasingly wooded area, where a horseshoe curve is used to reach the summit before dropping south to Lixin (11 Km).

At Lixin, the loco from Huanan then shunts its empties before turning round over a triangle and waits for the next loaded train from Hongguang. After taking water, it will bank the next full train, pushing it over the summit. It will then run light back to Tuoyaozi, then run round its wagons before taking them tender first downhill south to Hongguang for a further 10 km. Coal from the mine is loaded from road trucks, which are then taken back to Lixin chimney first.

Although the mine is said to have a production life for a further 15 years, the railway is on borrowed time as the remaining C2’s are not in good working condition. There are frequent breaks and reductions in service whilst emergency repairs are carried out to the locomotives, track and mine. The mine also has difficulty in retaining its staff due to low wages.

The operation cannot be very economic. One loaded train of 8 small wagons, which are mainly home made conversions of old logging wagons, does not even fill one normal sized wagon and the time and effort it takes to get the coal to Huanan cannot be as efficient of taking it direct by road to Harbin from the mine.

Huanan Forestry Railway

Doug Brooks

Huanan Forestry Railway These photos were taken on the Farrail Tour ...

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Incidents and Accidents :

Incidents and Accidents

Jeremy de Souza

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Swanage Railway Diesel Festival : During the weekend of 6,7 & 8 May 2011, the Swanage Railway in Dorset held its legendary Diesel & Beer Festival. The organisers have an excellent reputation for bringing in popular heritage motive power, and this year was no exception, with Classes 33, 37, 73, 52, 55 and 56 out to delight the crowds.

Swanage Railway Diesel Festival

Jeremy de Souza

During the weekend of 6,7 & 8 May 2011, the Swanage Railway in Dorset ...

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