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Various Photos

Robert Bryll (robertb)

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Scranton, Pa. photos : waterfalls, sunsets, fall scenes( Nay Aug, Lake Scranton, Scranton sunsets)

Scranton, Pa. photos


waterfalls, sunsets, fall scenes( Nay Aug, Lake Scranton, Scranton sun ...

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Toni Hiking :

Toni Hiking


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Healthcare Stock Photos : Stock photos depicting health care related subjects. Includes physical and behavioral health.

Healthcare Stock Photos


Stock photos depicting health care related subjects. Includes physical ...

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Yellowstone and Tetons 9_13 :

Yellowstone and Tetons 9_13


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Tennessee 2008 & 09 & 13 - Smokies, MusicFest, & Nashville :

Tennessee 2008 & 09 & 13 - Smokies, M...


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Western Ranch Photography Workshops July 14th, 2013 :!/notes/gary-petersons-photography-studio/western-ranch-photography-workshops/553743824648036

I am pleased to announce that I will be conducting two Western Ranch Photography Workshops this Summer. Both events will be held at a gorgeous working ranch located in Sprague, WA.

The ranch provides us with an amazing setting as we explore the barns, pastures and livestock that make up the historic ranch. The ranch houses both an American Quarter Horse and Beef Cattle operation and has extensive settings that make for the perfect vingettes and backgrounds.

The Workshops are open to all levels of photographers that are looking for a unique background and subject matter to hone their craft. Workshop attendees are encouraged to bring and use their own camera equipment to futher their growth as photographers, although their will be numerous pro level cameras and lens to experiment with!

A light lunch is provided for both Workshops.

Due to ranch rules and wildfire concerns, Smoking is not allowed on the ranch at anytime. If you need a little nicotine to get through the day, please make appropriate arrangements.

All images obtained will be yours to use in whatever fashion you choose. All participants will be given a Full Release to ensure that you may use the images to enhance your working portfolio. If you are already are pro photographer this will also allow use of images for commercial stock or fine art.

A Non-Rufundable Deposit of 1/2 Workshop Fee is required to hold your spot. Balance is due thirty days prior to event. Payment may be made by Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Email Gary Peterson at

Call Gary Peterson at (509) 230-9785

Western Ranch Photography #1 July 14th 2013 "The West" $225.00 Limited to Twelve Participants

This workshop is geared to teaching natural light solutions while obtaining creative authentic Western Ranch imagery. The subjects at work are working Ranchers and Wranglers going about their day to day business.

The morning is spent exploring the Bunk House, Barns and Stables shooting the day to day workings of the ranch  followed by a light lunch. The afternoon is spent on the range following the wranglers as they move cattle.

Western Ranch Rhotography #2 TBA Early Fall  2013 "The Cowboy Wedding" $ 300.00 Limited to Ten Participants

This workshop is geared as a portfolio builder for up and coming wedding photographers or people involved in the styling of weddings.

We start the morning off exploring the Bunk House, Barns and Stables where a perfect Western Wedding has been put together. Opportunities to shoot detail shots of rings, shoes, floral, dress's will be available. Follow the the preparations of our gorgeous Bride and Groom as they prepare for there wedding.

Following a light lunch we will spend the afternoon working with our Bride and Groom in various vingettes and backgrounds to ensure you leave with amazing gorgeous bridal shots.

Western Ranch Photography Workshops J...

Gary Peterson ...

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Sunrise Sunset Sky : Some snapshots of sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise Sunset Sky

Mamarazzi Photography

Some snapshots of sunrise and sunset.

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