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Team Fastrax :

Team Fastrax

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10-11 Apr 2010 :

10-11 Apr 2010

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Best Shots :

Best Shots

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Year End Video 2009 :

Year End Video 2009

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POPS Jumps :

POPS Jumps

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Boogie Bigways The Rest :

Boogie Bigways The Rest

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AFF Category Videos : Thanks to the U.S. Army Golden Knights, USPA now offers video examples of each of the freefall dive flows for Category A through F of the USPA Integrated Student Program (ISP). The videos are in the online version of the SIM and on the Downloads page. 

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the method used in each of the examples. However, IAD and static-line students share the same freefall objectives from Category C and beyond, so the video examples will help all students, regardless of the method they are using to progress through their training. Each skydive is presented with a front view and a top view, then both views are combined in a split screen. Many thanks to SGM Michael Eitniear, Major Jim Bean and Jay Stokes, who made the jumps as the instructors and student; SSG Ben Borger and SSG Steve Robertson who filmed the jumps; and Douglas Spotted Eagle, Phil Zidek and Chris Warnock who worked on the editing and production for each of the video examples.

AFF Category Videos


Thanks to the U.S. Army Golden Knights, USPA now offers video examples ...

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Jared Pre-Wedding Jumps :

Jared Pre-Wedding Jumps

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4 Jul 2009 :

4 Jul 2009

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21 June 2009 :

21 June 2009

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