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Mt Evans, Colorado :

Mt Evans, Colorado


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Best of travel : photos from our travel & diving trips around the world

Best of travel


photos from our travel & diving trips around the world

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Alaska Glaciers : These are just a few of the over 100,000 glaciers in Alaska including two in Glacier Bay National Park; Marjorie Glacier & Lamplugh Glacier as well as Baird Glacier, Matanuska Glacier, Spencer Glacier and Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.

Matanuska Glacier (valley glacier) is 27 miles long and up to 4 miles wide and is the largest glacier in the United States that is accessible by car. It advances at about 1 foot per day. It’s just a short 10 minute walk from the parking lot.  Margerie Glacier (tide water Glacier) 21 miles long, about 1 mile wide and 250 feet high is one of the most popular glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park and the most frequented by cruise ships in the park.

Alaska Glaciers

Rocky Grimes

These are just a few of the over 100,000 glaciers in Alaska including ...

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Miscellaneous :


Rocky Grimes

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Amdo Exploration 2010 :

Amdo Exploration 2010

Martin Newman Photography

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An Hour's Walk @ Wamena Street :

An Hour's Walk @ Wamena Street

Vicky Yeow

Updated: Aug 30, 2014 2:35am PST

An Amazing World : it's an amazing world out there! what we do not know does not mean it doesn't exist. The Tribal Chief with 22 wives probably isn't that eye-opening, neither is the 300 year old mummy. 
However, have we seen 
1) traditions where by one chops off a (or two) fingers to eliminate emotional pain or to commemorate a loved one? 
2) human who treats pigs as human equals? 
3) women breastfeeding piglets as if their own babies??  

There is just so much we are ignorant of, I therefore, Travel. 

这是个神奇的世界。我们不懂不代表不存在。22个老婆的老头不稀奇 (可是他真的很丑!),300年前烟熏干尸或许也不奇怪。可是人们为留念过世亲人,为排解心痛而剁手指。妇女为小猪哺乳你大概就没见过了吧?我因为不懂这世界而好奇,所以我旅行。

An Amazing World

Vicky Yeow

it's an amazing world out there! what we do not know does not mean it ...

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Trekking in the Baliem Valley (Wamena-Kilise-Syokosimo-Wamena) :

Trekking in the Baliem Valley (Wamena...

Vicky Yeow

Updated: Aug 29, 2014 8:27pm PST

San Diego Gallery : San Diego stock photos and scenics of the city skyline, harbor, downtown, and other attractions.

San Diego Gallery


San Diego stock photos and scenics of the city skyline, harbor, downto ...

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The Warriors @ Wamena : Papua is the western half of the island New Guinea, the most eastern province of Indonesia. New Guinea is the largest and highest tropical island of the world. The northern part of the island is separated from the southern part by a massive chain of mountains known as Pengunungan Maoke. Punjak Jaya is the highest peak at 5000 meters and is Indonesia's tallest snow-capped mountain with glaciers. Papua has a large variety of eco-systems including the richest coral reefs in the world. The coastal systems of Papua contain some of the most pristine and largest tracs of mangroves in the world. From the lowland swamps to the highland mountains one will encounter massive areas of undisturbed tropical rainforest.

More than 70 km long and around 20km wide, 1800 m above the sea level and surrounded by a crest of mountains some of which reach up to 4500, this area was not touched by the western world until the 1940s. And it took many more years to discover the whole beauty of this fertile highland and the various tribes living there. The valley is incredibly lush and fertile and the people living here have a farming tradition more than 9000 Years long – much longer than in most other parts of the world.

Papua is thinly populated. There are 2,5 million people living in Papua. One million Indonesian immigrants from other Indonesian islands inhabit mostly the coastal regions. Another 1,5 million indigenous papuans inhabit mostly the inland of Papua, from the high peaks, through the forest, into the lowland swaps and mangroves.

There are over 250 tribes in Papua. Some of them are very similar but they all possess their own unique culture and language which makes Papua's cultural diversity unique on earth. Papua is the largest still intact natural museum of our planet earth. In many remote places people still live in untouched stone age culture. To experience these people and the unique flora and fauna of the highland and the tropical lowland jungles of Papua can be difficult, expensive, and very uncomfortable, but will be extremely rewarding. The wildlife is truly remarkable with many endemic species of plants, birds, and mammals, making Papua unlike any other place on earth. Kombai Tour

The hospitality and friendship of the local people will guide the traveler and help create an experience which will be remembered for a lifetime. Almost every traveler who visits Papua desires to return, so strong is the attraction of one of the most remote places of the world.

The Baliem Valley

Baliem valley, located in the central highland of Papua, is the most visited area of Papua. The fertile valley 1500 meters above sea level has been discovered in 1938, but people have been farming in the valley for thousands of years. Wamena is the valley's largest town and is the capital of the Jayawijaya district with a population of 65,000. The valley and its surrounding mountains with peaks over 3000 meters are the home of 3 friendly tribes. 

The Dani inhabit the base of the valley. 
The Lani are in the western mountain area and the 
Yali tribe in the south and east of the valley. 

All tribes have distinctive cultures and languages, but all men wear a koteka or penis gourd. Each tribe cultivate their own.
The Dani use a small thin koteka. 
The Lani use a wide medium koteka and 
the Yali use the largest one, sometimes held up with rattan hoops.

Story has it that there is a mysterious Female Demon Tribe deep in the forest. They prey on the male, raping and killing them. The male off-springs are also killed while the female are brought up to carry on the spirit of the Tribe. True?? One wonders. 

还有这么一说, 但真实与否就待查询了:岛中有个女妖部落的行为却让人瞠目结舌,女妖们抓到男人一般都是先奸后杀,生出男婴也难逃厄运,因为她们只留下女婴,她们就这样繁衍着。

而丹妮族有个特别的生活传统。男女,即使是夫妻也分开居住各自圆形茅草屋。妻子生了孩子后的2到5年里与丈夫没有夫妻生活,专心照顾孩子。 因此,丹妮族的小孩因为得到母亲全心的看顾,要比其他族的来得健康。而丈夫可以有无数的妻子,条件是迎娶一位妻子的代价是5头猪。另外他们还有个传统,当亲人过世时,人们为了留念往生者以及排解心中的痛,他们会将一或二根手指砍断。这样的行为是不是令人费解

The Warriors @ Wamena

Vicky Yeow

Papua is the western half of the island New Guinea, the most eastern p ...

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