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Sunset along Highway 385 in West Texas between Channing and Hartley.
Temple of Horus, Edfu
Miyajima Torii Gate (Japan)
Windows All in a Row
He just sat there a rainy morning in Hanoi..
Temple of Horus, Edfu
2013-12-01 U is for Upward. This was taken over the top of rangelands in Cercedilla. More pictures from that place here
Petrified tree from Sossusvlei, Namibia.
Memorial along the river
Angkor Thom, Cambodia
U Bein bridge, Amarapura, Myanmar.
The interior of the mosque was quite dark.  I pushed the ISO up to 9000 to get a decent hand held photo.  Tripods were not allowed.  Tourists were only allowed in one part of the mosque as worshipers were in the other side.  The lens used was a Nikon 16-35mm f/4.  At 16mm it was not wide enought to include the whole ceiling.  The wires you see hanging from the ceiling hold the interior lights.

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Photo by: tsakaluk · See photo in original gallery.