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Okay, we're also going to give this DailyPhotos thing a shot - always looking for more exposure...!      "Clay Urn - Light and Shadow" - Early Spring in the Napa Valley.
St. Peter   August 2011
View of Mt Everest from Tsangmu highway which links Nepal to Tibet.   This is the first time I am here, if not because of changes in Chinese Regulations which stopped us from getting to the Base Camp, we would not have had the chance to capture this.   Thanks to my wonderful and resourceful lead driver who went out of his way and beyond his duty to take us here... his experience made our trip and our shots!  We were again in luck when this little sherperd took his herd right where we needed him to go. Click. Picture complete.    Our day was made!   这是我第一次到这里。 如果不是中国政府突然改变政策, 我们会照原定计划到大本营, 也就不会一路欣赏美丽风光,拍摄这片子了。  得多谢我们的头车司机师傅。。他在任务以外带我们寻找拍摄点。他的多谋, 他的急智让我们的行程完整了。  牧童更像是老天派来的,当我们正拍的起劲时,他出现在眼前,带着他的羊群走到了珠峰前面, 让我们完成这完美的图片。  我们还能有所他求吗?
One lane brige in VERY rural Arkansas
Fireweed in bloom at Spencer Glacier, Alaska. Spencer Glacier is accessible by train via the Alaska Railroad and is the first of several whistle stops planned by the forest service.  Activities include camping, hiking, or a float tour.  The train drops you off at the whistle stop at 1:45pm and picks you back up at 4:40pm.  You don’t want to miss the train. This day I wanted to hike to the end of the trail that was 3.1 miles from where the train drops you off and I had hustle to make sure I didn’t miss the train after the 6.2 mile roundtrip.  Beautiful day!
Kata Tjuta
Passion Flower, Madagascar

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