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photo by Tony Marek
Water Falls - Singapore Zoo
Bridge at Sunset Crescent City Connection One final image of the bridge that Wikipedia calls the Crescent City Connection - the primary bridge over the Mississippi in New Orleans. One reason the bridge needs to be so high is for the freight ships that travel up the river. When I was there I was worried a cruise ship was going to get in my photo, but it ended up performing and impressive 3-point turn (or 5 or 7) and heading out to the gulf.
Rothenburg ob der Taubor
Victory, Clock, and Dome in Downtown London
Hwy 287 near Goodlet, TX
Fanny Li : China 2007 Trip
Grand Canyon Rainbow.
Concorde fountain under full moon, Paris, France.
Looking Up at the Yosemite Falls  My second time to Yosemite National Forest. I went last year when I first started to get back into photography. Since then I've got a few new lenses and a whole new perspective. Weather was a bit nicer this time as well. Everything was a bit greener, and more wildlife was out and about. It's truely spring there.  Learn more about my photography at
Young surfers leaving the water at sunset by the Ocean Beach pier.
Paris: La Défense
There are only a few moments each dawn where the natural sunlight lights the Sossusvlei Sand Dunes in the Namib Desert, Namibia. Finding a dune with a yin & yang contrast of light and shade with contrasting stunted trees in front was the first challenge in making this photograph. The second was being there at dawn on a morning where the atmosphere was clear enough to create the image. With no other humans within miles the morning was completely silent and reminded me of just how wild the desert can be. In an area which had not had rain for over 20 years it was amazing to see that there were still thriving plants and lots of small animals.

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Photo by: Marcellian Tan · See photo in original gallery.