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Sit Down Mickey!! Orlando, Florida
Kakadu Park
Deir El-Bahari
Rusty  Hickam AFB, Oahu  There were a lot of old rusty parts on this section of the coast, and some looked pretty cool. We even saw some sort of cage just off the coast. Weird.
Portsmouth from the top
Southern Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa), silhouette at sunset
圣巴西尔大教堂,红场,莫斯科  St. Basil's marks the geometric center of Moscow. It was erected on Czar Ivan the Terrible's order in 1555-1561 to commemorate the taking of Kazan and the conquest of the Astrakhan Khanate. It has been the hub of the city's growth since the 14th century and was the city's tallest building until the completion of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in 1600.

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Photo by: Jorge Santos · See photo in original gallery.