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Masa Mara, sunrise, scenic, wildebeest
仙鹤与鳄鱼  Captured at Orlando, Florida.
在鄯善沙漠拍骆驼是城市人的一种奢侈。 记得3年前在这片沙漠走了几小时, 虽然累, 但还能说说笑笑。 这回上个斜坡, 差点要了老命!当回过气来, 呼吸开始自如时,远处传来声声驼铃声。 美!
Iceland, Westfjords region(Vestfirðir)    The tiny church on a hill overlooking Hotel Breiðavík.  It is similar in design to many of the rural churches to be seen throughout Iceland, and similar in color scheme.  Other pictures from my time at Breiðavík will show the small cemetery for this isolated community.  I believe the church was built in 1900, 12 years before the school, now hotel, was built.
Fire Dancer  Paradise Cove Luau, Oahu  Another shot of a fire dancer that made a particularly awesome pattern.
Berlin: In my bathroom at the hotel.
Oak Alley Plantation.
Karnak, Egypt
Belvedere Herbst II (Belvedere Autumn II) (3x13 39 pics panorama, October 2009) Canon 5DMK2 Canon EF 135 mm f/2,0 L USM , f 8,0; 1/60 sec.; ISO 100  WhiteWall Photolab offers a great choice of high quality finishings and frames. To see and order my images at "WhiteWall Kunstmarkt", please enter    "emphotos"     into the search field in the upper left corner at  My gallery on WhiteWall  Thank you, emphotos
Dance on the lake, Intha fishermen, Inle lake, Myanmar.
Paris, France - La Tour Eiffel
Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei), Endangered

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