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Alleyway - Taormina, Sicily A mountainside city set intentionally on the cliffs to allow its inhabitants to defend themselves from ancient invaders, the streets of Taormina are as picturesque as any in Europe.
Belvedere Herbst I (Belvedere Autumn I) (1x8  pics panorama, October 2008)
The Fins and Walls at Cedar Breaks are eroding towards the HooDoo formations you can see at the far points of this image.  Cedar Breaks is a younger amphitheater canyon similar to an earlier Bryce.. Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.
Concorde fountain, Paris, France.
Golden skyline from the 12th century AD, Bagan, Myanmar.
Yosemite Valley after a snowfall, Yosemite National Park, Sierra Mountains, California
Ivan the great bell tower, Cathedral of Archangel and Spasskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin against the huge cloud. Golden domes.

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