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Bishop Creek feeds Lake Sabrina
A parrot in Rome:
Sagrada Familia
Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island
3M1A7119EC - a very tiny lizard sunny himself.
国家历史博物馆,莫斯科   The State History Museum is a museum of Russian history wedged between Red Square and Manege Square in Moscow. Its exhibitions range from relics of prehistoric tribes that lived on the territory of present-day Russia, through priceless artworks acquired by members of the Romanov dynasty.   The museum was founded in 1872 by Ivan Zabelin, Aleksey Uvarov and several other Slavophiles interested in promoting Russian history and national self-awareness. After a prolonged competition the project was handed over to Vladimir Osipovich Shervud (or Sherwood, 1833–97). The present structure was built based on Sherwood's neo-Russian design between 1875 and 1881.
United States of America, Everglades National Park
Berlin: Pipeline
...summit ridge, Island Peak...
Eucla Telegraph Station, West Australia (scan, slide, 1988)
Douglas Fir - Lightning kill - Infrared rendering.  Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.
The Fins and Walls at Cedar Breaks are eroding towards the HooDoo formations you can see at the far points of this image.  Cedar Breaks is a younger amphitheater canyon similar to an earlier Bryce.. Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.
Baby Giraffe at Five Days of Age - Albuquerque Bio Park, Albuquerque, NM

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