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Blue Hour Down Under
Fernandina Island , Galapagos Islands
Bressanone, Italy
Brindled Gnu "Wildebeest" (Connochaetes taurinus), silhouette at sunset
Dubai ; Dec 2011
Koala - Adelaide Zoo
A gentoo penguin calls out on returning from a fishing trip. Leopard Beach, Carcass Island
Mykonos at noon, a palate of color and contrasts. - This seaside village sports dozens of small churches with redish brown domes, a quaint harbour where tiny boats rest at anchor and pink pelicans roam the narrow alleyways.
"Mystic Rome"   Forum Romanum at 05:18 h on 9th of March 2013  WhiteWall Photolab offers a great choice of high quality finishings and frames. To see and order my images at "WhiteWall Kunstmarkt", please enter    "emphotos"     into the search field in the upper left corner at  My gallery on WhiteWall  Thank you, emphotos
Eiffel tower, Paris, France.
Toronto Waterfront !  A composite image  of  Varca Beach, Goa, India, Toronto Skyline and Canada Geese processed in Photoshop CS5

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Photo by: Fons · See photo in original gallery.