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Birds - Assorted :

Birds - Assorted

David Turko

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Mammals :



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The Oysterbeds, Image Archive : <html>
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<p>This site was developed to povide nesting sites for the Little Tern which arrive each year, during the summer months, to breed in Langstone harbour.
A deep lagoon surrounds two man-made gravel islands (North and South) which the Tern find attractive for nesting. The lagoon is refreshed each high tide through two weirs at the seaward side. These weirs additionally ensure the water level is retained at low tide.</p>
<p><b>The following links are thoroughly recommended .</b></p>
<p><a href="http://langstoneharbourwildlife.blogspot.com/">Langstone Harbour Wildlife Blog.</a> Blog by Jason Crook (Seasonal warden at the Oysterbed site.)</p>
<p><a href="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8386827/Oysterbed%20Site%20Image%20Log.pdf">Activity Photo Diary 2010 season.</a> These images, ordered by date and in diary form, with background information.

The Oysterbeds, Image Archive


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Rodents : Additional images, generally maximum of five per species. Does not include the image in myMammals of the World gallery.  <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/MNG/MGM/MMJ0">....Map this Gallery</a>.<br>
2015.06.29 Added 1 image <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/Mammals/MJ/i-43vLPZx">Red Squirrel</a>, 2015.04.30 Added 1 image <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/Mammals/MJ/i-ZghdSxx">Eastern Chipmunk</a>, 2015.01.22 Added 1 image <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/Mammals/MJ/i-nHR8Pb3">Eastern Gray Squirrel</a>


Paul Tavares

Additional images, generally maximum of five per species. Does not inc ...

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Adds and Upgrades to myMammals Gallery : A listing of the adds and upgrades to the myMammals of the World gallery. The myMammals gallery doesn't change as much as the myBirds gallery so this is not an annual gallery. Rather it lists the 10 most recent adds and 10 most recent upgrades, with the adds listed first. The date shown is the date taken.  <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/MNG/MGM/MMAU">....Map this Gallery</a>.<br>
2015.06.29 Uploaded #110 Mule Deer, #109 Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel,<br>
2014.11.18 Upgraded <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/Mammals/13M/i-kPfhqL7">Northern Elephant Seal</a>

Adds and Upgrades to myMammals Gallery

Paul Tavares

A listing of the adds and upgrades to the myMammals of the World galle ...

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myMammals of the World : For updates to this gallery check <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/Mammals/13M/">Adds and Upgrades to myMammals Gallery</a>.  This gallery contains one image for each species (all wild animals) that I have photographed. The images are named and sorted by taxonomic order as per Wilson and Reeder's <a href="http://www.departments.bucknell.edu/biology/resources/msw3/browse.asp">Mammal Species of the World.</a>   <a href="http://paultavares.smugmug.com/Wildlife/MNG/MGM/MMWorld">....Map this Gallery</a>.

myMammals of the World

Paul Tavares

For updates to this gallery check Adds and Upgrades to myMammals Galle ...

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June 2015 :

June 2015


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Robins New Venture : Hatching of Robins eggs

Robins New Venture


Hatching of Robins eggs

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Hilton Head Island : Nature Pics

Hilton Head Island


Nature Pics

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