Wildlife - Most Popular All-Time
Red Iguana: This photo just won third place in the April 2010 edition of Popular Photography in the "Your Best Shot" contest.
Mother teaching baby to swim
Brotherly Love
(Heliconius melpomene) #44090962  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Bison mom licks calf clean in Yellowstone National Park. #83051296  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Mountain Lion Big Bend National Park, Texas  Published in Texas Monthly Magazine, April 2012 This image was taken near the Window Trail and Chisos Basin Campground in February 2011.
OV 06JL329    4x4 (8 point) buck with another 4x4 in the background.
Number of Deer huddled together was captured in Central Oregon. #81070799  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
(Cethosia Cyane) #44091110  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Oi, get off my spot!
Painted Lady - Taken in Gimmelwald Switzerland #44070985
Who knew Tigers could dive!
Outside Sacramento, CA - Pipevine Swallowtail #44080660  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts

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Photo by: mikebragg · See photo in original gallery.