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Great Blue Heron 4  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Blue_Heron
Osprey - Balbuzard pêcheur,  North Wildwood, New Jersey, USA
Young Lions (Panthera leo) play fighting, Serengeti, Tanzania
We jumped out of the truck to catch a few photos of this horse in action before he disappeared.
Cow Moose, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado
Moose Calf, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado
A green turtle silhouetted at Sipadan Island
Osprey - Balbuzard pêcheur,  Blue Cypress Lake, Florida, USA
Okay Pavlov is putting on a show. I am not sure if she is airing it out or just proud of her bod!
Male and Female Lion (Panthera leo) mating (yes, that's a tail), Serengeti, Tanzania
Female Bobcat and kitten  One of the Smithsonian Magazines "This Week's Editors' Picks" for the Week of October 11. 2010  This image will also  be on the Smithsonian Network's half hour special, "Smithsonian Spotlight: Picture Perfect" in March 2011    Also featured on Smithsonian's Celebrating Motherhood in Pictures May 2012  This was selected as on of the Smithsonian's favorite photos recognizing moms of all kinds submitted by readers over the last nine years
Young Bobcat portrait
Roadrunner, Big Bend National Park, Texas (beep beep)

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Great Blue Heron 4  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Blue_Heron

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