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Green frog
American Three-toed Woodpecker - Pic à dos rayé,  Québec, QC, Canada
Young Cow Moose, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado This young cow was hanging out with two others. I watched them for nearly an hour as they moved along browsing and apparently "playing". Many times, they would lay their ears back and charge each other for no apprarent reason. It didn't look too serious...they never made any contact...so I chose to think that it was their version of play.  One fascinating event occurred when one of the cows walked into this little pond and sunk in the mud nearly up to her chest. She was clearly surprised by the depth of the mud and struggled to free herself. After a few seconds, she succeeded, but the extreme effort resulted in her losing her balance and falling down. I was relieved to see her get back up, apparently uninjured, and continue her normal activity.
Artic Fox
Preparing lunch
Flamingo 5
White-tailed Deer Buck, Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Kansas
Desert Bighorn Seep Ewe, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Face off...Two modest sized bull moose, Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming These two bulls eventually sparred, but it didn't get too serious. One of them ran off after a cow that was in the area. The other followed a short time later. There were two much bigger bulls nearby, so these guys didn't have much of a chance...
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Arial Combat  Eagles seem equally incline to steal or hunt when it comes to food. You can check out the three shot sequence in my gallery.
Black-necked Stilt Everglades National Park

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