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Western Tanager Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
Different Perspectives
Room For All
Artic Fox
Who's Chasing Who?  As skilled as these eagles are they often miss... more than once we saw fish flung up in the air as the hunter cruised off empty handed. Within seconds another Eagle dove in and claimed the stunned fish.
Common Kingfisher (migrant)
White-throated Kingfisher with a frog
Mountain Lion, Big Bend National Park I think this is the look that most hikers would get if they happen to be looking at the right spot at the right moment. I've often heard that mountain lions see you, but you don't see them. I think this is why that saying was created. The previous photo shows the cat in a rare "exposed" situation. They are more typically very secretive and take advantage of natural camouflage, as in this image.

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Photo by: mikebragg · See photo in original gallery.