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Tawny eagle
"Beaver Pond" Olympic National Park (This is actually an Otter in what I deceptively called a Beaver pond) 82050768
Female Bobcat and kitten
NATIONAL WILDLIFE MAGAZINE PHOTO OF THE DAY (August 8, 2012) Pair of Whooping Cranes, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas Best viewed in XLarge
Whooping Crane, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas
Cinnamon Black Bear, Grand Teton National Park
Sea Otter, Homer , Alaska View in XLarge
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (male) - Pic maculé (mâle),  The feather yellow color is because of his nest in a fir tree. La couleur jaune de son plumage est dû à son nid localisé dans un sapin. Quebec, QC, Canada
"Electric Jellyfish #1" 16"x20" Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish

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Photo by: captnemo · See photo in original gallery.