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Opera Star
Juvenile Whooping Crane, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas
Mountain Goat in Training, Mount Evans, Colorado NATIONAL WILDLIFE MAGAZINE PHOTO OF THE DAY, FEB. 4, 2013
Great Blue Heron White Morph,  The Florida Keys The Cornell Lab of Ornithology says that this is a white subspecies of the Great Blue Heron. One estimate I've read is that there are about 1000 of these birds on the extreme southern tip of Florida, the Florida Keys and mangrove islands.
Tricolored Heron, Everglades National Park
Acorn Woodpecker, Ramsey Canyon, Arizona
Sandhills in Silhouette
Gulf Fritillary 2 - Agraulis Vanillae
Spotted Sandpiper - Chevalier grivelé,   Quebec, QC, Canada
Semipalmated Sandpiper - Bécasseau semipalmé,   Bay of Fundy, New-Brunswick, Canada
Black-bellied Plover - Pluvier argenté,  Estero Lagoon, Florida, USA
3 of 3 - The sun was ducking in and out of the clouds, I like the colors of the other 2 shots better.

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Photo by: Greg Reinacker (gregr) · See photo in original gallery.