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Snowy Egret, Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri
Bison, Yellowstone National Park Best viewed in larger sizes.
Coastal Brown Bear, Lake Clark National Park View in XLarge
Grizzly Bear On Yellowstone Lake Beach Best viewed Large or XLarge
"BUFFALO IN THE ROADWAY   #5591"  ©2007
Wyoming White Horse
These food exchanges have always been fascinating to me. Nature must have a solid reason for why some raptors do it and some don't. The Kites and peregrines are masters of this, this starting during the mating season and carried on after, teaching the fledges how to exchange mid air. (see last years food exchange gallery to find the adults and fledges passing prey.)
Barred Owl 1 - Strix Varia  http://www.owlpages.com/owls.php?genus=Strix&species=varia
Marbled Godwit - Barge marbrée,  Fort DeSoto, Florida, USA
American Oystercatcher - Huîtrier d'Amérique,  Corsons Inlet State Park, New Jersey, USA
The Raven that stole a kittiwake egg.  What a lucky capture from a distance of 35-50 yards and on a boat in a semi-rough sea!
Reed Warbler

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Photo by: mikebragg · See photo in original gallery.