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April 30th, 2006.  an inquisitive blue jay.
Gray Jay begging from adults
Cape Buffalo (Syncerus c. caffer), bull portrait, MalaMala, South Africa
Cotontail Rabbit - Lapin à queue blanche,  Cape May, New Jersey, USA
 BG2152013- (15)
Sea Otter Close-up Near Homer, Alaska View in "XLarge"
Anhinga with fish
Collared-hawk getting prepared to snatch a fish. The adult Black-collared Hawk has a more or less white head, tinged with buff, and with black shaft streaks on the crown. The body, above and below, and the mantle are bright cinnamon-rufous, paler on the chest. There is a black crescent on the upper breast.
This was an older bear that we photograph in the evening light. I took many photos but this one was the best because of how the shadow and light plays on the bear.

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Photo by: flattopfoto · See photo in original gallery.