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National Aviary Pittsburgh :

National Aviary Pittsburgh


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Alex Feldstein Photography

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San Francisco Zoo - 2013 : Happy 2013!  Bringing in the New Year with a baby Kudu, a baby Wallaby & a baby Duiker!  Still hoping to get a shot of the baby Duiker, but it prefers to stay in the barn, out of sight.  Better luck in February!
February brings in Lunar New Year, and it's "Year of the Snake!".  Martha, the Tiger gets to play with a snake full of goodies and she really enjoys her enrichment!  The little Wallaby Joey is venturing out to nibble on grass now.  
March & April brings Jillian out to play.  She's a baby Sumatran Tiger.  Many of the animals had fun in March with their Easter enrichment, made especially for them. 
By May, the newly arrived San Clemente Island Goats gave birth to 4 kids in the Children's Zoo.  They are full of energy and run around everywhere! There's also a new baby in the Chacoan Peccary yard, so stop by and take a look!  The Magellanic Penguins are beginning to hatch, and I hope to have some photos of them next month.
June-July:  The babies are growing fast!  The San Clemente Island Goats are running around the Children's Zoo now, and the Penguin chicks have graduated from Fish School and returned to Penguin Island.  The little Peccary pup likes racing around the adults now, and is nibbling leaves also.  Jillian, the Sumatran Tiger cub is getting so big, but just as cute as ever!  Ulu, the Polar Bear is now in a double exhibit - one with soil and plants, and the other with a pool. Stop by and see the new Red-Fronted Lemur on exhibit - there's a male and a female.  They blend in with the trees, so you'll have to look hard! 
August - September:  The new Komodo Dragon on the block is "Big Daddy Bahasa".  He's just a little guy right now, about 4 feet long, but he'll grow to be a lot bigger than that in the future!  The baby penguins are settling in with the flock, and Jillian, the Sumatran Tiger cub, has grown by leaps and bounds!
October:  The new Elinor Friend playground is just about finished, and it looks spectacular!  The end of October brought 6 little Peccary pups!  "Boo at the Zoo" was lots of fun, and many of the animals - big and small - received Halloween theme treats!  Baby Gorilla girl is doing really well, and is now crawling around, and trying new things to eat.
November:  The new Elinor Friend Playground is open, and it's lots of FUN!  There are several new birds across from the Chimpanzees, and they are beautiful!  Baby Girl Gorilla is doing well, and the Chacoan Peccary pups are getting big!
December:  The Zoo Lights event was so pretty this year.  I hope you had a chance to come out and enjoy the SFZoo at night!  We have a new male Amur Tiger, and he's a beauty!  The little Bennett's Wallaby has a baby in her pouch, (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!), and I hope to see it pop its head out of the pouch sometime in January!

San Francisco Zoo - 2013


Happy 2013! Bringing in the New Year with a baby Kudu, a baby Wallaby ...

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San Francisco Zoo - 2011 : November-December:  Mild weather for Winter.  The Reindeer arrived, and lots of animals were given enrichment during the "12 Days of Christmas".  My Polar Bear photo was picked up by AP, and sent around the world!
October came in with sun, and went out with rain. Activities this month were "ZootoberFest" (a evening activity) and also "Boo at the Zoo" for Halloween.  Many of the animals received special hidden treats, and it was fun to watch them discover them.
Sept :  Summer is over and the leaves are beginning to fall. All the babies (koala, anteater, ibises) are almost full size now.
May-August:  Weather is great, and the animals are enjoying their outside yards.  Spiderman & Tarantulas came for a visit too!
April:  The little Koala is not so little anymore!  The weather is improving, so the animals are enjoying the sunshine now.  
March:  Got an early start on March with a new baby Koala - she is so cute!  All the young ones are growing fast, and Mr. Hippo loves his pool!
February:  Our Hippo is enjoying his new pool and yard, and the baby Anteater is walking around by himself now.  The animals are all enjoying a little bit of sun, after so much rain this winter.
January: A baby Giant Anteater came out to greet the public this month, and we were also "FedEx'd" a full size Hippopotamus!  Thanks FedEx! (who picked up the tab) "When you absolutely, positively need your hippo by the next day!" Ha!

San Francisco Zoo - 2011


November-December: Mild weather for Winter. The Reindeer arrived, an ...

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San Francisco Zoo - 2012 : January 2012 comes in with some very nice weather.  We have a new female Snow Leopard, and I've also spotted a new Wallaby face peeking out!  The SF Zoo celebrated Lunar New Year at the end of January, which was a lot of fun.
February brought in some new additions: Greater Rheas and West African Crowned Cranes in the Puente al Sur exhibit.  Jack Hanna came to visit the SF Zoo, and had a great show.  Also, the three African Lions have been joined together as a pride.
March brought some much needed rain, and the grasses are growing again.  Baby Red-necked Wallaby popped out of the pouch this month and hopped around for the first time!
April:  We have a new No. Amer. River Otter to keep Trent company!
May:  The Magellanic Penguins are nesting, and we have four new chicks!  Leanne, the Sumatran Tiger, has a new buddy, Larry.  With the addition of some new Lemurs, there's been a lot of activity at the Lemur Forest.
June & July:  Four baby Magellanic Penguins hatched, and have joined the colony on Penguin Island.  Inti, a beautiful Bobcat, has been moved to a new and larger exhibit where the public can see him.  
August & September: Sureshot, the Bald Eagle gets a companion, Gordon, a male Bald Eagle. Also, a new 5 week old Marbled Teal chick joins the flock.  The Grizzly Bears have beautiful winter coats now.
October:  A new little Francois' Langur was born, and it's a girl!  "Boo at the Zoo" was great fun, and the animals really liked their pumpkin treats!
November-December:  Two busy months!  The Reindeer arrived in late November and Ulu and Pike had a great snow day in San Francisco!  During the late December holidays, the Zoo celebrated with their first ZooLights event - it was beautiful!

San Francisco Zoo - 2012


January 2012 comes in with some very nice weather. We have a new fema ...

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San Francisco Zoo - 2010 : December was a busy month at the San Francisco Zoo!   Snow was trucked in by the San Francisco Ice Company for the Polar Bears (yes, that's how it snows at our Zoo!), and a lot of other animals had fun with thier enrichment during "Winter Goes Wild".

San Francisco Zoo - 2010


December was a busy month at the San Francisco Zoo! Snow was trucked ...

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San Francisco Zoo (2009 and before) : The following photos were taken at the San Francisco Zoo from 2009 and prior years.  Some photos go back to 1997.

San Francisco Zoo (2009 and before)


The following photos were taken at the San Francisco Zoo from 2009 and ...

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Zoos : Photos from zoos, aquaria and wild animal parks which I've visited



Photos from zoos, aquaria and wild animal parks which I've visited

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Other : Miami's jewel


Alex Feldstein Photography

Miami's jewel

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Apes & Monkeys :

Apes & Monkeys

Alex Feldstein Photography

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