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2014 Ballston Spa car show...The Way We Were : Once again, the weather gods smiled down and gave an excellent day. I heard the announcer, during the awards ceremony, mention that there were over 500 cars here today. Hard to believe that because you never see the entire field with the way things are laid out. This show has several challenges in shooting it well. The lighting is very high contrast and loaded with shadows...some of which can be worked around by coming back later in the day...if you remember. With the all the shadows comes much difference in color temperature and also much difference in how reflected light plays on certain paint. The color temp is also affected by the sun's position above the horizon and with this show getting an early start, there's quite a variation at mid day. Digital cameras aren't infallible about adjusting white balance, and with the huge swing in temp here, I just let it go and catch it in RAW processing rather than make custom white balance settings in camera...chances are that they would be just as hit or miss as the auto setting. At this show, I learned a bit about making do with the shadows and actually using them. One thing here that's annoying though is how tight the cars are packed in...and how little room there is after what's left is taken up by people walking through pushing double wide strollers and dragging Fido along. He really doesn't care about that gorgeous little '37 Ford two tone coupe pictured below. Really folks...leave him at's hard enough not getting run over by strollers.

2014 Ballston Spa car show...The Way ...


Once again, the weather gods smiled down and gave an excellent day. I ...

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Harry's Cafe : Harry's Cafe, 748 Ramona Expressway, Perris.  5th Friday of the month car cruise, 5-8pm.  951-943-7200

Harry's Cafe


Harry's Cafe, 748 Ramona Expressway, Perris. 5th Friday of the month ...

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The Official 911 "First Responder Truck" 2011 : September 30, 2011

125th State Fair of Texas Auto Show@Fair Park
Dallas, TX

View the entire gallery of State Fair of Texas photos here:!i=1514758639&k=XKFxbhb

The date 9/11/2001 is seared forever in the memory of most Americans. On that date in 2001, hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and a field in Shanksville, Pa., killing nearly 3,000 people. In the midst of that tragedy, many heroes emerged. Perhaps the most courageous were the first responders – fire, police and EMS technicians – who raced to the scenes to try to rescue as many people as possible.

Airbrush artist Mickey Harris and the staff of Mountain Muscle Cars in Cosby created the The First Responder--a tribute truck, requested by General Motors, to showcase the tenth anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks. Known as The First Responder, this truck was created at Mountain Muscle Cars in Cosby. The staff worked hand in hand with Mickey Harris, a professional airbrush artist who created and hand painted the artwork for the vehicle. General Motors signed a contract with Harris and Mountain Muscle Cars to produce The First Responder and other custom vehicles. The hood ornament on the truck is an actual piece of glass from the World Trade Center. Reprinted text from Mickey Harris's official website here: ~ 9/30/2011

The Official 911 "First Responder Tru...


September 30, 2011 THE OFFICIAL 911 "FIRST RESPONDER TRUCK" 2011 125 ...

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Cars & Bikes : Cars Cars Cars

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Cars Cars Cars

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Marcella c/o 2015 : HS senior proofs

Marcella c/o 2015


HS senior proofs

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Round Up 2014 : Auction for Puyallup Fair Scholarship

Round Up 2014


Auction for Puyallup Fair Scholarship

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